Friday, June 29, 2007

This Week's Google Searches

that have led people to my blog:

1. "why taco bell is bad"
2. "taco bell brings peace to the world" (counter-attack)
3."is taco bell bad"
4. "how many calories in a pack of mild sauce from taco bell" (lame)
5. "bowling green taco bell" (again and again, seriously. i knew bowling green had a newly remodeled taco bell but didnt realize everyone and her mother knew it too)
6. "taco bell will you marry me?"
7. "'jennifer livingston' married" (you know she googled this one)
8. '"paris hilton' and 'taco bell'"
9. "taco bell enchirito song" (this search does not, unfortunately, result in an enchirito song)
10. "fianced couple is getting married soon" (this never happens! note: it was a uk google search. just saying...)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A good point...

I just received this email from my friend Jen:

Well, I guess that you can find solace in the fact that the president doesn’t make the tasty food, nor does he come up with the delightful recipes. He is merely a figurehead who has lost his way. It’s sad.

It provides some lighthearted humor and some reality in a time of fear and anger.

I am not the only one disapproving of Taco Bell right now

just for the record, i've received numerous emails from people who aren't commenters about this paris hilton/taco bell business.

apparently taco bell thinks it's appropriate to grant someone convicted of a crime positive publicity and free food.

i do not know how to broach this subject in a serious and thoughtful manner but will ponder it. i think this situations exemplifies some major problems in our society. sure i've known that taco bell, as a major company, would not raise itself above all other corporations but i, too, am capable of ignoring complicated issues (i.e. morals vs. good, cheap food), and i guess i need to work on that.

Greg Creed, President of Taco Bell, is a Brownnoser

read this letter he wrote Paris and tell me it doesn't make you throw up in your mouth a little.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's Official: Taco Bell and I are in a Fight

not only did i never receive the taco bell bucks promised to me by will of taco bell but:

1. taco bell offers to throw after-show parties every night for fergie and the black-eyed peas


2. it delivers - yes DELIVERS - bags of food to Paris Hilton's home - well, her parents' home to welcome her home from prison - PRISON. She can say she was just in prison because of a suspended license but her license was suspended because she was given a DUI - for driving to in-and-out burger (not to taco bell).

read it here and be pissed because you don't have a lot of money and aren't getting free food. no, save the free food for the woman who doesn't work, has millions of dollars, and will never do anything decent with that money or her fame (despite her recent proclamations from prison that she is going to be a new person. she is stupid enough to believe that).

if you don't think you have time to read the link, here the most shocking and pertinent part of the article:

"Later in the day, two Taco Bell reps arrived at the mansion and announced they had a delivery of four bags of food from Paris to the media. They then handed out taquitos and chips to everyone, including police officers." (

A Satire on the Fourth Meal

not hard to come by really but this blogger did an amusing job with it, inventing the need for a fifthmeal and sixthmeal. making fun of americans' demand for excess is certainly an easy target.

if you can't change it, laugh at it, i guess.

(i don't really prescribe to this school of thought. i will not laugh at SUVs and the single, city residing people who must drive them). however, if i keep the excess problem zoomed in on taco bell's marketing scheme, i will rest more easily.

Sure Paris Wants to Save the World Now But First...

She wants to eat at Taco Bell, according to TMZ.

It's news like this that rejuvinates my devotion to my blog. I'll feel uninspirated or lazy and wonder, "how much longer can I continue to write about Taco Bell? A year and a half is a long time-quite impressive really. Wow, I am really showing the world I can commit. Perhaps it's best if I just go out on top before I lose interest and/or steam."

These thoughts keep me up at night.

Thankfully tonight will not be one of those nights...unless I let thoughts like "Why do I have something in common with Paris Hilton?" overtake my worry-free self. I will try not to go down that road - it likely won't lead to tender feelings about myself and the life I lead.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I'd Want to Go to Taco Bell High!

Another institution may soon cave into the money offered by large corporations: schools.

I like Canada. Now that she might have a school named after Taco Bell, I like her even more.

Even the Washington Post Had Issues...

Last week I wrote about a Bush's poor foot attire choice.

Apparently, Robin Givhan, noted fashion columnist, also had a problem with the socks/crocs combo as you can read here.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Another Good One...

apparently someone found my blog by doing a google search for "the story of the image of jesus on a tortilla in taco bell".

i did a similar search and didn't come up with anything about where and when this happened.

I'd Be Envious of Me...

if i didn't go to the Wilco show last night.
But I did.

There were three encores. The second encore was clearly improvised - they didn't intend to play so much and indeed played I'm Always in Love and Outta Site - both quite unusual.

and their new album is great. especially live.

so see them when they come to your part of the country.

here's the set list:

A Shot in the Arm
Side with the Seeds
You Are My Face
Handshake Drugs
Via Chicago
Shake It Off
War on War
Sky Blue Sky
Impossible Germany
Jesus, etc.
Hate It Here
I'm The Man Who Loves You
Encore 1

California Stars
Poor Places
Spiders (Kidsmoke)
Encore 2

Heavy Metal Drummer
The Late Greats
I'm Always In Love
Outtamind (Outtasite)
I'm A Wheel
Encore 3
What Light

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Google Searches

Here are google searches that recently led people to my blog:

1. "weight gain products for anoxeria"
2. "pictures of a taco bell enchirito"
3. "beanie babies" (chinese google)
4. "taco bell Will you marry me? sauce"
5. grey's anatomy quote "you can't call me a whore" (my post was #3 on this search)
6. "dustin diamond house vandalized"
7. 4 searches from different addresses about "bowling green taco bell"

I think this list should give you enough pause for though this morning.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Want More?

Here is a great clip of an interview with Jeff Tweedy at Bonnaroo. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Last year I went on a mini-hiatis from the blog to go to Bonnaroo as some of you might recall. We made the long trek to Manchester with the help of baby Chalups and Taco Bell.
Bonnaroo was this past weekend. Unfortunately, I have not blogged because I have nothing to say, not because I was in Manchester, TN, watching this guy:

However, if you'd like to see a clip of Wilco's performance at Bonnaroo, check it out here.
Some of you might recall a video a posted awhile back of a band's Taco Bell video. Well the guy who notified me of this piece of work wrote me today to give me the d-lo on his trip to Bonnaroo. Apparently Wilco "rocked the house" which is no surprise. Of course he hit up Taco Bell en route and had a delicious cheesy rice and bean burrito. I guess I would have had the same experience to report had I gone to Bonnaroo so I shouldn't complain. It's like I was there. And I'll pretend like I really believe I'll be able to go next year.
And this Thursday I will be in Columbia, MD to see Wilco so I guess I have that going for me even though I am not tan from 4 days in the Tennessee sun and have no music festivals on the horizon.
This post is a little disjointed. Listen to Wilco is the point. Don't listen to the chatter that the new album is "disappointing". It's really very good and apparently awesome live.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The 7 - Layer Crunchwrap: At Last

Well, folks, I ate a 7 layer crunchwrap last night.

I ate it 30 minutes after it was made so it was very, very limp. Does this mean it's not "good to go"? Perhaps. I do think all the guacamole and sour cream was a fact in the...i'll say it...sogginess of the item.

now that said, it was still tasty but...well, is it suffice to give it an overall "tasty but..."

the guacamole is not very good (as everyone and his or her mother has said)
the red tortilla strips are probably too soggy to distinguish themselves from the beans or sauce.
the beans - just not enough
cheese -not enough

however, it was tasty but...i won't order it again. i'll happily go back to my regular supreme crunchwrap with beans. i say happily because i didn't really want to like the 7 layer. i wanted to like it solely to give Taco Bell some props but i do not need another dilemma in my life. loving the 7 layer crunchwrap would make me not just consider whether or not to get a crunchwrap on a particular visit but which crunchwrap. good lord, the thought itself is disturbing.

i also had a bean burrito and half of a cheese bean and rice burrito. both very good.

overall: B

(they skimped on the sauce)

They Let Him Dress Himself?

Sure he has the usual "i am not sure what is going on" smirk on his face but it appears from the pairing of socks with crocs that someone thinks he is a big boy now and can wear whatever he wants. well, white house officials, take note: this is not a good look for your boy. i know, i know, you have other more pressing matters: more wars to create, more people to torture, more oil to drill, more people to execute, more unborn fetuses to save, more taxes to cut, more borders to patrol - but please, take a step back, look at the big picture, breathe in, breathe out, and think: do you really want the "leader" of the "free world" leaving the House in this foot attire?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Wish I Had More to Say

but i am having Taco Bell tonight, if all goes accordingly, so will have more to say tomorrow.

I think I'll try the 7-layer crunchwrap and see what all the pro and con fuss is about.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Happy Friday!

Anyone who doesn't love this is either 1. lying in attempt to place him or herself above celebrity news, 2. rich and bratty, or 3. my mom, who doesn't know paris hilton exists.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Man, overload.

Here is the latest Taco Bell contest.

I do appreciate Taco Bell's support of the MLB, though. If they were as big on the NBA, NFL, or NHL (yeah right), I don't know that I would even post these contests. Still, it is getting to be a little much. This latest contest might distract folks from writing out the 7 reasons when their significant other should marry them.

I think the key to good marketing is having a target audience and ONE goal at a time. Of course, my experience in marketing is nil, and I don't run a large corporation or have any money so...I guess I'll just enter this contest too and see if I get the chance to swing for the fences.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Inside the 7-layer crunchwrap....

crunchwrap held and eaten and photo held by Sabrina.

Not that I would know. WIll from Taco Bell still hasn't sent me the promised Taco Bell. Looks like I have to hold out for winning the cheese quiz.

Sign...Another Contest

Read Taco Bell's latest press release here. Then we will discuss it.

I support Taco Bell supporting Cheese. I love cheese, almost more than I love Taco Bell. well, maybe more but I don't have a blog about cheese so i guess it ultimately loses. So Taco Bell has a contest that tests your cheese knowledge.

Is this Taco Bell cheese, aka shredded or sauce only or might we get into triple cream and aged cheeses?

Take the quiz, find out, and maybe win $250 in Taco Bell bucks!!

I took it and did poorly, in my estimation. So good luck - study up and while I don't want to give anything away, I will suggest studying cheese outside of the Taco Bell menu. (there is mention of brie!!! oh, i love brie!).

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Photography Sell...

Ashley sent me this link. It compares the professional photo of a fast food menu item with the actual order served.

It's pretty interesting and sorta gross and makes one wonder: how do fast food chains do so well?

It's June 5th but No Free Taco.

Last week I reported that Taco Bell announced a free taco day on June 5 - a percentage of other profits that day would go to the American Red Cross.

For those of you who don't read the comments, I received this information:

American Red Cross said...
Sorry folks! I work in fundraising at the American Red Cross, and this one's not legit.

Have a good day anyway.

Monday, June 04, 2007

What about Me?

According to TMZ, Taco Bell contacted Fergie about the (weird) shout-out she gave TB last week, offering to let her stop by for an after concert party at one of its restaurants for free food.

I have been singing the praises of Taco Bell in a much more articulate and creative manner from my lowly computer for over a year and have I been offered an after blogging party? No. I may not be famous and may never make my way onto the cover of US Weekly or the pages of TMZ, but I deserve some props if Taco Bell is willing to give props to those who sing its praises in a public manner.