Thursday, June 14, 2007

The 7 - Layer Crunchwrap: At Last

Well, folks, I ate a 7 layer crunchwrap last night.

I ate it 30 minutes after it was made so it was very, very limp. Does this mean it's not "good to go"? Perhaps. I do think all the guacamole and sour cream was a fact in the...i'll say it...sogginess of the item.

now that said, it was still tasty but...well, is it suffice to give it an overall "tasty but..."

the guacamole is not very good (as everyone and his or her mother has said)
the red tortilla strips are probably too soggy to distinguish themselves from the beans or sauce.
the beans - just not enough
cheese -not enough

however, it was tasty but...i won't order it again. i'll happily go back to my regular supreme crunchwrap with beans. i say happily because i didn't really want to like the 7 layer. i wanted to like it solely to give Taco Bell some props but i do not need another dilemma in my life. loving the 7 layer crunchwrap would make me not just consider whether or not to get a crunchwrap on a particular visit but which crunchwrap. good lord, the thought itself is disturbing.

i also had a bean burrito and half of a cheese bean and rice burrito. both very good.

overall: B

(they skimped on the sauce)


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