Monday, June 20, 2011

Taco Bell, A Lesson (well, maybe) in Geography

Here is the article that prompted me to started writing on this blog again.

In it, a guy I don't know has a conversation, through letters, with another guy I don't know. But the conversation: why do the Taco Bells in Dallas, the writer's hometown, seem so much better than those in New York City? Is there any credence to this subjective belief?

I'll say there is. Long ago I tasted some TB bean burritos in Santa Barbara and they were markedly better than the ones I was eating in DC. I wrote about it, on this blog, in 2006. Was it that I was loving California? Loving the walk-up window at the Santa Barbara Taco Bell? Was it the Mexican influence, more prominant in California than in DC? Was it just the memories of DC Taco Bells where they floors were dirty and sauce packets were given out very, very stingily? All of these answers could be yes--or perhaps just a maybe. After all, what questions can I think to ask about this happenstance if I know the answer is "no"? None, apparently.

I am going to LA next week and might have to think about trying the Taco Bell there. Are those TBs upping the anti with all the taco trucks roaming the city? As much as I love Taco Bell, will I have a meal to waste on it amongst so many independent taco trucks that I don't have access to in DC? Or will all the taco trucks in LA only have meat-filled tacos and thus will I be driven to the safety and comfort of LA's Taco Bell? Seems like a win-win situation to me.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just under 4 years...but who's counting?

So I last published a post on this blog in August 2007. Now, in June 2011, I find myself compelled back to the blog. A lot has been happening with Taco Bell. That's part of it. My next post will include an article that just made me want to write!

That article is part of it (wait for it...).
Here are my other reasons:
1. I had TB twice over Memorial Day weekend. And man, it was so good.
2. The only TB near my apartment is finally closing. I'll return with a link to some of the issues I've had with that doomed store. I can't even go there anymore so its disappearance will not be mourned.
3. Not having a clean taco bell in the entire city of DC will continue to be a source of displeasure, at times, and sorrow, at other times, depending on my mood.
4. I just read one of the comments on the last post I wrote. There are some spam there. There are some comments from friends. And then there is this: "Dude, Taco Bells sucks big time. My mother broke her tooth and instead of an appology she was contacted by the legal department. The corporate execs at Taco Bell are just jerks!?" Dude, what could your mom have ordered from TB to break a tooth? Let's think about that. Sure maybe that's why she contacted TB. But maybe that's why the legal department thought her claim was false. Food poisoning, sure...who can't imagine that after eating at Taco Bell (my love is based in reality). But breaking a tooth?
5. I kinda want to have a job as a blogger, just part-time. But you know, who doesn't? All the same, having a blog is definitely better than not having a blog when it comes to applying for blog editing positions.

I am definitely not up and up with the blogosphere or linking and labeling, etc. And who knows if I will keep this going after this post (and the promised article to arrive tomorrow). I am going to practice writing about TB before telling folks that I am returning to it.

Crunch wraps forever!

Monday, August 20, 2007

An Explanation

I have been MIA from this blog for a VERY lengthy bit of time.

My apologies. I hope you have all been thinking good thoughts about beans and cheese without my daily comments.

I am leaving my job this week and leaving DC next week so will continue my MIA status until September. I will beginning my reporting after settling into my new space.

Taquitos and gorditas,

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Taco Bell Rap

here is a rap video about taco bell.

i don't have my earphones at work so can't listen to it. i know this violates the blogger code of ethics - posting something that said blogger has not viewed or read but i have fallen out of regular post mode and need to post something - possibly something amusing or thought-provoking (yes, more likely the former) before my loyal readers stop reading.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Paris and apologies

Again, too busy to write about my beloved this week.

But here's a little news of the week:

Paris went to Taco Bell. She bought a supreme taco and a soft drink. Yes, one measly taco. tsk tsk tsk.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Everyone and her mother is googling "taco bell taquito calories".

and my blog pops up first.

which, indicentally, does not note the number of calories of in a taquita. and it would be a difficult number to state without a few astericks. there are three dips to choose (guac, sour cream, salsa). and you can get it with steak. and probably even beans. i did some research on and found this nutritional guide. it's strange because it lists steak taquito with salsa, guac, and sour cream but nothing on the chicken taquito. unless i am missing something. and yet it is the chicken taquito that tb is advertising like crazy. i don't know if i will go as far as to say it is suspicious but it is certainly odd.

with this post, i hope to give all those people googling the www some answers.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Work is sucking the life out of me...

which is why i haven't blogged all week. soon, though, my loyal friends...very soon.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

New Item: Taquitos

Taco Bell has unveiled a new menu item: The grilled chicken taquito! (also available with steak)

Ashley called me right after she tasted one of these to gush about how good it was. Ash likes taco bell. a lot. but she has never been one to "gush" about taco bell. not even the crunchwrap. well she gushed about the taquitos. i guess that means i'll try it soon with beans. it comes with one of three "sauces": sour cream, gaucamole, or salsa. a new concept. i quite like.

Another Devoted Fan...

here's a fun, creative video about one man's love for Taco Bell. Maybe not love...just interest. Who knows, maybe he hates taco bell so much he had to make a video about it. Maybe he loved Taco Bell when he made the video but hates them now because of their Paris Hilton bullshit. Regardless, it's funny so watch it.

Friday, June 29, 2007

This Week's Google Searches

that have led people to my blog:

1. "why taco bell is bad"
2. "taco bell brings peace to the world" (counter-attack)
3."is taco bell bad"
4. "how many calories in a pack of mild sauce from taco bell" (lame)
5. "bowling green taco bell" (again and again, seriously. i knew bowling green had a newly remodeled taco bell but didnt realize everyone and her mother knew it too)
6. "taco bell will you marry me?"
7. "'jennifer livingston' married" (you know she googled this one)
8. '"paris hilton' and 'taco bell'"
9. "taco bell enchirito song" (this search does not, unfortunately, result in an enchirito song)
10. "fianced couple is getting married soon" (this never happens! note: it was a uk google search. just saying...)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A good point...

I just received this email from my friend Jen:

Well, I guess that you can find solace in the fact that the president doesn’t make the tasty food, nor does he come up with the delightful recipes. He is merely a figurehead who has lost his way. It’s sad.

It provides some lighthearted humor and some reality in a time of fear and anger.

I am not the only one disapproving of Taco Bell right now

just for the record, i've received numerous emails from people who aren't commenters about this paris hilton/taco bell business.

apparently taco bell thinks it's appropriate to grant someone convicted of a crime positive publicity and free food.

i do not know how to broach this subject in a serious and thoughtful manner but will ponder it. i think this situations exemplifies some major problems in our society. sure i've known that taco bell, as a major company, would not raise itself above all other corporations but i, too, am capable of ignoring complicated issues (i.e. morals vs. good, cheap food), and i guess i need to work on that.

Greg Creed, President of Taco Bell, is a Brownnoser

read this letter he wrote Paris and tell me it doesn't make you throw up in your mouth a little.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's Official: Taco Bell and I are in a Fight

not only did i never receive the taco bell bucks promised to me by will of taco bell but:

1. taco bell offers to throw after-show parties every night for fergie and the black-eyed peas


2. it delivers - yes DELIVERS - bags of food to Paris Hilton's home - well, her parents' home to welcome her home from prison - PRISON. She can say she was just in prison because of a suspended license but her license was suspended because she was given a DUI - for driving to in-and-out burger (not to taco bell).

read it here and be pissed because you don't have a lot of money and aren't getting free food. no, save the free food for the woman who doesn't work, has millions of dollars, and will never do anything decent with that money or her fame (despite her recent proclamations from prison that she is going to be a new person. she is stupid enough to believe that).

if you don't think you have time to read the link, here the most shocking and pertinent part of the article:

"Later in the day, two Taco Bell reps arrived at the mansion and announced they had a delivery of four bags of food from Paris to the media. They then handed out taquitos and chips to everyone, including police officers." (

A Satire on the Fourth Meal

not hard to come by really but this blogger did an amusing job with it, inventing the need for a fifthmeal and sixthmeal. making fun of americans' demand for excess is certainly an easy target.

if you can't change it, laugh at it, i guess.

(i don't really prescribe to this school of thought. i will not laugh at SUVs and the single, city residing people who must drive them). however, if i keep the excess problem zoomed in on taco bell's marketing scheme, i will rest more easily.