Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mild Sauce in the City

Deep thoughts...

I mentioned in my first post that the Taco Bells in the suburbs were superior to those in DC. They are cleaner, cheaper, and roomier. They aren't connected to KFCs. Most importantly, though, they aren't stingy with the sauce packets. At Taco Bells in DC, they keep the sauces behind the counter and only hand them out when requested. Even then, they like to give you three or four. Ask for more, get two more. It's really obnoxious.

In Virginia, they put the sauce packets out: a free for all. It's a matter of trust. Granted, people inevitably misuse this trust--myself included. I like to have some in my fridge at all times: the mild sauce addition much improves the average homemade burrito. On Saturday, my friend Hope used 23 packets on her three items. That's a lot, yes. Excessive, even. But the mild sauce is the reason she loves Taco Bell. But in the city, the employees would never hand out that many packets.

So: why the difference between city and suburban TB establishments?

Monday, February 27, 2006

The second universal language

Since we had a new episode of Grey's Anatomy last night, I want to talk about that today. I know, I know, this deviates from the name of the blog and perhaps it should call for an entirely separate blog, but I can't make that commitment. So for today I will just say that it's been approximately 36 hours since I've had the crunch wrap, and I miss it. And it never even disagreed with my stomach. cheers!

Unfortunately some of my dearest friends and lovers of Grey's Anatomy missed it last night for various reasons so there might be more summary in this posting than I expect will happen in the future. However, what I would like to see here is an open forum about the episode.

Let's start with the good stuff: Meridith cried while having sex with George. Who saw that coming? I didn't but I liked it. Poor George: just what his self-confidence needs--the woman he thinks he's loves so madly cries when they finally have sex because she realizes she doesn't want to have sex with him. I can see why it would be so awkward the next day. And good for him for moving out. He's becoming a "doer", I suppose, but he needs to get over her. The wasn't much sexual tension there anyway and I never really understood why he was so in love with her. I mean, she obviously doesn't eat Taco Bell (isn't she wasting away?). But here's what I most appreciated about last night's episode (there was a lot--i think it was a lot better than the last few): Meridith is adament that she and Derek can't be friends. (and rightly so). Of course, Derek doesn't get it just like Meridith doesn't get, initially, why she and George can't go back to "how it was before." Now, granted, Derek and Meridith weren't friends before they dated so it's a bit different, but I liked how Meridith clearly realizes this contradiction and takes Derek up on his offer to go for walks with the dog, get coffee, and talk about the existence of us/life/whatever. Course, they'll just end up staring longingly at each other, but we'll eat that up with a spoon.

Izzy and her heart patient: I like it. I like him, I like them together, I like that Alex is jealous, I like that Burke sees how much she likes him.

Christine and Burke: I love them.

Derek and Addison: so they seemed to finally have a loving moment yesterday with her confession about the poison oak and seeing it as karma for her cheating. Laughing, throwing pillows--are they falling in love again?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Well I never...

This is the first time I've ever "blogged." I put blog in quotes there because I think the word, especially when used as a verb, is ridiculous. The concept is probably more ridiculous. People blog because they think everyone is interested in what they have to say, right? Perhaps that thinking is too negative an assumption. However, it is mine.

And yet...here I am creating a blog. But it's not so much about me as it is about Taco Bell. Okay, this blog will probably reveal MY thoughts about Taco Bell so I suppose some me stuff will unfold. I welcome comments about your love for Taco Bell, though. If you don't love Taco Bell but appreciate people who do, then your thoughts are welcome as well.

I had the crunch wrap (beans instead of beef) yesterday...for the first time. Yes, perhaps a TB devotee should be ashamed that it took her so long to try this wonderful creation. However, I didn't want to spoil the first experience at a Taco Bell in DC because, sadly, the Taco Bells in this city aren't what they are in the suburbs. It's the only thing that's better in the 'burbs.

More on the crunchwrap and TB to follow as long as I remember to blog. For now, I must sign off this thing. I have a lot of preparation to do for Grey's Anatomy tonight. Perhaps that's for another blog. Maybe not: I've had two revelations this weekend: Taco Bell is the universal language (not film). If you find yourself in an awkward conversation with a stranger, talk about Taco Bell. Grey's Anatomy is the second universal language. Have I over simplified the matter of life and the universe? If you think so, perhaps this blog isn't for you.