Thursday, July 27, 2006


So for the first time in quite a long time, I didn't know what to write today. I asked whipcreamy. She replied "civil disobedience." I think my post two days ago got her excited for another political discussion. I, however, cannot deviate from the subject too often so I replied that sadly, I would not discuss civil disobedience today. Perhaps over the phone.

Whip then sent me a website on the 2004 Taco Bell Truth Tour. This tour was, of course, devoted to the boycott of Taco Bell. I don't like to talk about it. I am sad there was a need for a boycott, glad there was one, ashamed that I didn't have the willpower to participate, and happy that it is now over with Taco Bell back on the straight and narrow. I wonder if Glen Bell had a hand in this negotiation.

But look at this bell the website displayed. nasty! and clever! all par for the course in the world of civil disobedience. okay, so this isn't really the big c.d. but let's say it is because then i will have written about whip's original request and included her research.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

News Flash: Glen Bell and Wife Dorothy Split

Okay so this was a news flash circa 1950. And it wasn't really newsworthy because Glen hadn't invented Taco Bell yet so no one cared about him. But...

After the yawn chapters of Taco Titan which I read on Sunday, I was hesistant to open the book last night. But there it was, staring at me as I put Anne Tyler on the nightstand. Well, I'll skim a few pages, I thought. Eventually it's got to get good.

Well, we are quickly approaching the "good" section. Glen decided to start making tacos at his hamburger stand--as an appetizer. He bought a new restaurant across from a tortilla factory and started the taco experimentation. Now, for some reason that was not entirely clear, apparently he sold that restaurant and Bell's Hamburgers rather quickly. He's not one for staying the course. But in selling the restaurants, I think his intent was to revamp the food business and make tacos a larger staple of his restaurant's menu.

He thought selling French Fries and Tacos together would be perfect harmony. I am glad things have not evolved as such. Ganga, however, should get in touch with him today and attempt to persaude him of her grand plan for Taco Bell's role in bringing goodwill to the world: add French Fries to the menu (we'll call them Mexican Fries) and all profits from the Fries alone will go to charity. Not the stupid Taco Bell Foundation (which might not be "stupid" but probably doesn't promote leftist issues).

But sadly, Glen's marriage could not withstand the hours he devoted to his business. Dorothy pleaded with him to spend more time with their son Rex (why the name choice, Glen?) and her. When he didn't make it home for Rex's birthday party, she realized that tacos, hamburgers, tortillas, and french fries would always come before his family.

I wish I could hand out tissues to you all via the computer screen. I am sure you need them.

More detail to follow on Glen's taco adventures.

That's A Lot of Burritoes

Yonkers, NY

Robbers steal $7,500 from Taco Bell


YONKERS — Two bandanna-masked bandits robbed a manager at a Taco Bell restaurant and escaped with $7,500 in cash, police said.

Yonkers Detective Lt. Maureen Zadorozny said the store manager at the 1920 Central Park Ave. eatery heard a knock at his office door at 9 a.m. Sunday.

The manager opened the door because he was expecting another employee. In the doorway instead stood the two robbers, one holding a gun.

One of the pair struck the manager in the face and then they took the money. The robbers walked calmly away from the restaurant.

The 22-year-old manager was temporarily knocked out from the blow. When police arrived his face was swollen. He was treated at Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville.

Police had only vague descriptions of the robbers.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An Unexpected but Necessary Deviation

This is going to mark the first time in the history of this blog in which I will write a mini-political rant. Yes, occasionally I've mentioned my, er, distaste and disgust for Pres. Bush and his facist regime, but even that I've attempted to make light-hearted and funny and, of course, connected to a discussion about Taco Bell.


I've just read a report about Condi's visit to Lebanon. She wants the U.N. and/or NATO to send a combined 30,000 troops to Lebanon. Oh does she? This announcement after the U.S. has declared that it will not send ANY troops to the region because we don't have enough troops (you liked hearing that, eh, Iran and North Korea?). So the U.S. and Condi have the audicity to tell the international world what they should do with no intention of helping them? I am all for sending troops to help the Lebanese government gain some semblence of control, and I think the U.S. should be involved in these talks but only if it is willing to participate in matters other than telling other countries what to do (which they should do). My god, it is obxious and infuriating. I shouldn't be surprised, I know. This behavior is par for the course of the Bush Administration, but I needed to vent and thus am taking advantage of my blog.

Monday, July 24, 2006


So, a few months ago, I bought this book off Amazon, hoping for a slew of information which would keep this blog on track and in existence. The intro to the book was interesting. I reported on the first customer at the taco stand: a salesman who dripped taco stuff down his tie while eating it, still parked in the drive through. This fellow, instead of being angry at Glen for serving him a messy meal and thus forcing him to return home to change before continuing his sales journey, ordered another tak-oh. All very enticing stuff--and yet, until yesterday, the book remained on my nightstand.

Thank goodness I didn't depend on The Taco Titan to keep this blog happen' because it is BORING. I skimmed through a few chapters yesterday. Yep, as the title suggests: YAWN. I had hoped the chapter entitled "Hobo Adventures" would be ridiculous and humorous and perhaps include a passage like: "Glen may have been a hobo, living in boxcars and traveling via old freight trains, but he still ate well, fixing himself tacos over a fire in the middle of abandoned railroad yards." No dice. In fact, no mention of tacos. What good is the knowledge his early life to me if it doesn't involve a love of Mexican food?

So Glen first business was "Glen's Hamburgers". With this business, he introduced the world of "fast food" to the country. That is, instead of relying solely on the carport or dine-in restaurant, Glen started the drive-through, carry-out, OR dine-in craze which we are quite familiar with today. In fact, he was friends with the McDonalds brothers who had their own hamburger business at the time but it was a carport dilly. Yes, they STOLE Glen's idea.

no, they di'nt.

oh yes, they did.

So i guess that's the most interesting tidbit from the few chapters I read yesterday, and even that put me to sleep. Hence, it might be a few more months before I revisit The Taco Titan even if i know that the "good stuff" (a.k.a. the taco stuff) is right around the page.

Friday, July 21, 2006

A Gordita Promise

I'm going to admit something that some fellow Taco Bell lovers might abhore.

I've never had a gordita. From Taco Bell or otherwise. I've abstained from the gordita largely because of the bean burrito. Why stray from perfection? Yes, I tried the chalupa once. I know people love it, but I prefer a thinner tortilla so I went back to the burrito. Not until the crunchwrap did I make a habit of ordering something other than two bean burritoes. I know I've mentioned this before, but for full understanding of the promise I am giving you (well, more so, giving myself), I must reiterate this history.

Well, folks, next time I go to Taco Bell, I am inserting the gordita into my meal.

Insert >hushed silence<.

Last night, my friend James made some delicious gorditas. Fried corn dough! Great toppings! Yummmmmmmmmm. Why hadn't I had a tried this loveliness before? So next time...I will order one and have something exciting to report. The ingredients and preparation will be different so I will have to attempt not to compare the two gorditas. However, Taco Bell, I am expecting greatness. For now, though, let's add its gorditas to the list of things on which "jury's out".

Another reason to be proud of D.C.

The local news. It's uber insightful.

It covers Taco Bell. Below is part 4 of a 5 part series which tells viewers how to eat healthy at various fast food restaurants. Now, for avid readers of this blog, you know my feelings about the health food craze combined with fast food. It's ridiculous. If you want to eat a healthy meal, do NOT go to Taco Bell or any other fast food restaurant. If you want a delicious, fat filled meal, then, obviously, run for the border. The only way a meal at Taco Bell will be healthy is if you leave the restaurant still hungry. In which case, you'll probably just pull into the next fast food joint you see and order a 1,000 calorie meal. I am not suggesting that we stop going to Taco Bell. I just do not understand this fast food can be healthy thing. The attempts to teach people how to order a healthy, fast food meal is not going to be the trend that breaks the obesity in America's back.

Healthy Food Available At Taco Bell
Fast Food Fitness Part IV

WASHINGTON -- NBC4 anchor and reporter Barbara Harrison says if you're tired of eating burgers and fries for lunch, you can keep your diet on the right track by eating a Taco Bell for fast food with some zing. Barbara decided to order the Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco, which weighs in at 270 calories, but she ordered it "Fresco Style," for a 100-calorie savings. When you order your food "Fresco Style" at Taco Bell, the regular sauce and cheese is substituted with their Fiesta Salsa, which only adds five calories per serving and no fat.

Barbara made her choices with the help of Washington Hospital Center nutritionist Claudia Morrison, who said that for most people, meals should be between 500-700 calories, not including snacks.
Morrison said people should stay under that if they're trying to lose weight.

Coming up Friday morning on Fast Food Fitness, Barbara shows how people can eat a healthy meal with dessert at McDonald's.

That's right, folks: Fresco means no cheese. why would anyone order a mexican meal without the cheese. you think she felt full after that little taco with salsa? Right...

What this healthy mcd's meal plus dessert could be is beyond me. I guess Barbara did the report this morning so I'll let you know. I am sure the meal is unappealing.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Jury's Out...

Okay, I had Jury Duty yesterday so the phrase "the jury's out" is going through my mind.

And the jury is out on a few things, yes?


1. sauce packet slogans
2. nacho cheese
3. chicken crunchwraps

what else?
you decide.
i am busy today.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Say Something Saucy

That is the slogan for Taco Bell's "create your own sauce packet" contest. Taco Bell has so many damn slogans, don't they? There's one just for the chicken crunchwrap--"it's good to go". I don't even know what that means. It's good. Yes. You can take it to go. Yes. Is that it? Lots of things are good to go in that case.

In any case, you can say something saucy if you like:

This page includes the following introduction to the contest:

Your "words of wisdom" could be published among the nearly 5 billion sauce packets distributed to our restaurants in the next year.

What is a sauce wisdom?

It’s a Taco Bell-inspired phrase that provides a humorous look at reality. The message should be short (no longer than 70 characters), simple, left of center* and about the little things in life — anything from going on a date to eating a meal.

The footnoted star in VERY VERY small print reads:

*The term "left of center" is NOT meant to be political in any way. It's simply a way of describing the Taco Bell brand personality and how we think differently about everything we do. It embraces our theme "Think Outside the Bun."

Yeah, i think the starred explanation is obxious.

The other thing: so what do you win??? Just your slogan on some sauce? Not even a one thousand buck? Taco Bell looking for free labor?

Well, if so, I fell for it. Ripped from the pages of Anne's blog and bad pop songs--
Mine: Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

(Yeah, Anne and I would both prefer "I" instead of the "me" but I don't think sauce packets are going to go with grammar over pop culture).

Monday, July 17, 2006

Oooooooooh, Fajitas

I have VERY important work to do today and a VERY important letter to "Dear Amy" to compose today so I cannot write all the things I would like. I have a lot to say, but it will have to wait.

Instead, I am going to leave today's Taco Bell deep thought with this: What happened to the Taco Bell fajita?

Last night, I went to a Mexican restaurant and had a scrumptous veggie fajita. When contemplating today's short composition, i felt compelled to mention this fajita though didn't want to diss taco bell (perhaps claiming that they could not make a better one than the one i had). then it hit me: taco bell USED to serve fajitas. wow, what happened?

DO you remember, oh, 3 years ago the major campaign Taco Bell had for the new fajitas. There were a number of commercials for the fajita but they all had the same principal: guy or girl, walking down the street without a care in the world, when suddenly they smell something delightful and shortly thereafter they see something delightful: someone eating something delightful: A taco bell fajita! And then the person doing the smelling and looking and not eating says "ooooooooh fajita" and goes straight to taco bell. That commercial was very successful. Everyone I spoke to about the commercial wanted to go get an ooooooooooh fajita. they weren't even "fajitas"--they were "ooooooooooooh fajitas".

ooooooooooooooooooooooh, bring em back!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Good Memory or Really Boring Life?

I found this in a Google groups search:

Bit of Taco Bell price trivia: My first job as a teenager was at a Taco Bell at Balboa and Lassen Streets, in Northridge, California (a Company owned store, not a franchise).

From what I remember of the prices then (1977) and today's prices I saw at the same Taco Bell this month:

Product 1977 Price Aug. 2000 Price Percent Increase
Regular Taco $0.39 $0.69 77%
Regular Tostada 0.39 0.99 154%
Bean Burrito 0.39 0.69 77%
Pintos & Cheese 0.39 0.79 103%
Burrito Supreme 0.89 1.69 90%
*Enchirito 0.79 0.99 25%
Small Drink 0.25 0.89 256%
Medium Drink 0.30 0.99 230%
Large Drink 0.35 1.29 268%

*Note: The Enchirito was on sale, which explains the only 25% increase.
Average Percent Increase Of These Nine Items: 142% I'm unsure how close this 142% Taco Bell inflation is to consumer prices in general since 1977, but I would like to make one more comparison: I seem to recall that new Taco Bell trainee store managers started at about $12,000 a year ($1,000 a month) when I worked there. I noticed a sign in the Taco Bell advertising for new restaurant managers. It stated the pay was $20,000 for entry level, up to $35,000+ per year for proven leaders. From these salaries, I see Taco Bell manager pay has not kept up with my 142% Taco Bell Inflation Index. Starting manager pay should be $29,040 per year, for the manager to afford the same amount of Taco Bell food and drink as starting managers did in 1977. And this isn't the worst news. Things like housing costs have gone up much more than that in the Northridge area (the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles). One would be lucky to find a decent one bedroom apartment here for $900 a month. Anyway, I'm glad I didn't choose the Taco Bell career path. I certainly couldn't have purchased my Northridge house, or bought my fairly nice car, etc., on a Taco Bell management salary.

Discussion time:
Okay: is this person serious? Cheap Hamburger is the screenname for this person so we'll use that when discussing his/her mind so as to avoid the annoyance of his/hers and he/shes peppered throughout the rest of this post. Unfortunately, CH's profile is no longer available. That might have been useful.

So a list is in order:
1. Why pick the name "cheap hamburger"? why not "cheap taco"? or, i guess, as CH would argue, "not so cheap taco"?
2. Did CH graduate TB only to find happiness and money in the cheap hamburger business?
3. CH's choice of screenname negates the possibility of our gaining respect for CH.
5. Insert all the products CH listed for ENCHIRITO in item #4.
6. Does CH have a wicked good memory?
7. Has CH had nothing with which to fill his/her (had to) hamburger brain in the 23 years proceeding 1977?
8. WHERE did CH see the 2000 prices? They are super cheap. Man, CH is probably flipping out at the prices at TB now.
9. What was the price of the crunchwrap in 1977?
10. Why is the medium drink 10 cents more than the small drink while the large drink is 30 cents more than the medium drink?
11. Why do we care about soft drink prices?
12. Why are they called soft drinks?
13. Why is the world round?
14. etc. etc. etc.
15. CH is cheap. That is why he remembers the 1977 prices. That, Sir Shakespeare, is what is in a name. Your brilliance is not always relevant: A cheap taco would smell better than a cheap hamburger.

Somethings are beyond my control...

Like how ridiculously cute these kiddos are! So cute that every now and then I have to admit, on this blog, that there's more to life than Taco Bell. There are cats, too. and Jeff Tweedy.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

And now: a Smackdown on Burger King

So I'd like to do a brief follow-up from the Springfield State Register Journal/Fourth Meal article I just posted:

The Food Critic included this line:

Burger King offers a veggie burger, applesauce, low-fat chocolate milk and Aquafina water.

Yes, that is true. Do they deserve a prize? They've also introduced a QUADRUPLE burger (the Stacker) complete with 4 slices of cheese and 8 slices of bacon and no veggies. for the bargain price of $3.99. But if you get a low-fat chocolate milk with that, you're eating healthy.

I may hate the introduction of Taco Bell's "Fourth Meal", but something like the Stacker makes me grateful, on a number of accounts, that I've had the wherewithall to fall for Taco Bell instead of Burger King.

Smackdown from Springfield, IL

The Food Editor of the State Journal Register has takes Taco Bell's "Fourth Meal" to task in an article published yesterday. I am glad she choose not to write about anything more "sophisticated" because she's published my mind (assuming more people read the Springfield Daily than my blog).

Amen, Kathryn Rem.

Read on:

Four square meals?

If breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks aren’t enough to satisfy your appetite, Taco Bell suggests bellying up to the table for another eating occasion, dubbed “fourthmeal.”

The Mexican fast-food restaurant calls it “the meal between dinner and breakfast.”

“Not so long ago, the term ‘brunch’ was coined for people who ate a late breakfast,” said Bill Pearce, Taco Bell’s chief marketing officer, in a news release. “Fourthmeal finally gives the millions of Taco Bell consumers who eat late at night their own definition.”

The concept is being advanced in TV, radio and outdoor advertising, in-store merchandising and an interactive Web site.

The drive-through windows at most Taco Bells, conveniently, are open until 1 a.m.

Lately, other fast-food restaurants have been emphasizing healthful eating. Yes, the effort seems disingenuous and it’s likely an attempt to ward off obesity lawsuits, but at least it’s a nod and a howdy aimed at the problem of America’s expanding waistline.

McDonald’s eliminated super-sizing, upped its salad choices, put apple slices on the menu and - in the oddest pairing since deep frying and dill pickles - lists heart-health tips from low-fat advocate Dr. Dean Ornish on its Web site.

Burger King offers a veggie burger, applesauce, low-fat chocolate milk and Aquafina water.

Wendy’s recently announced it is switching to nonhydrogenated cooking oil, so that its french fries and chicken items will have no trans fat. It’s the first major fast-food chain to do so.

To Taco Bell’s credit, it lets customers order anything on the menu “fresco style.” That means the sauce and cheese on an entree are replaced with fresh salsa, cutting calories and fat. But a fresco-style soft beef taco still has 190 calories and a bean burrito packs 350, a sizable number of calories to be added after a day’s worth of eating.

Sara Lopinski is a registered dietitian with St. John’s Hospital Center for Living. She said late-night munching is OK if a person doesn’t eat much during the day.

“What counts is your total calories during the day. Some people don’t like to eat much in the morning. But typically when people wait to eat, they eat too much because they’re famished.”

Slugging back a few beers or a round of martinis - a common wind-up for midnight snackers - can accelerate the munchies.

“If you’ve been out drinking, I suspect nutrition wouldn’t be paramount on your mind,” said Lopinski. “You’re more interested in satisfying your hunger pains.”

Christina Rollins, registered dietitian with Memorial Medical Center, agrees.

“We encourage people to eat every couple of hours to boost their metabolism, but you wouldn’t necessarily want to eat a high-calorie meal like Taco Bell is promoting,” she said.

If people want to eat late at night, Rollins suggests choosing something with a little bit of fat and protein, like peanut butter and crackers, “which will keep you full but not throw you over on calories.”

She recommends that late-night Taco Bell eaters, at the very least, avoid high-fat add-ons like sour cream and guacamole, as well as the jumbo sodas.

Said Lopinski: “The average American probably doesn’t need a fourth meal, but if there is a fourth meal, it should be fruits and vegetables.”

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

True Love Makes A Marriage Go Round

Yes, we are revisting Brit and KFed.

Obviously their marriage has gone down the tubes. Brit doesn't admit it even though to Matt Lauer even though US Weekly, a far more reliable source, told us that she broke down in tears when she discovered she was having another Federline. We feel you, Brit. Really, you're an idiot but we'd understand. So, please, stop telling us your marriage is not on the rocks.

SO what is keeping them together? Status? Stupidity? Southern-ness? Celebrity stubbornness? Hip-hop genius? Ambition? Money? Corn-rows? Crooked Yankee caps? Wife-beaters? Shar Jackson's "I told you so, girl. That's what you get for stealing my man while I was pregnant with his baby"? The basement Brit's exiled FKed to isn't all that bad? His lack of talent? Her lack of talent? Sean Preston? 1/2 baby on the way? Jealousy of JT's relationship with Cameron Diaz? Barefoot in the gas station bathroom fun? Dropping baby Sean on his head fun?

My theory: none of the above. Instead, true love is keeping the marriage in tact. True love for each other? No....

True love and devotion of Taco Bell.

As we covered some weeks ago, KFed intends for his one million kids to work at Taco Bell in hopes that this employment will instill a good work ethic in them. At the rate young KFed is impregnating girls, others who share his love of Taco Bell should worry: there are going to be LOTS of Federlines working at LOTS of Taco Bells. So much so that I venture to suggest the Federline line could, with its lack of intelligence and good upbringing, bring down the entire franchise. Let's just enjoy our Taco Bell while we can.

But back to the subject of love: From the above, we know that KFed loves Taco Bell.

Thanks to Ash and her freelance blog research, we discover that Brit loves Taco Bell, too:

Why Can't Stars Drop The Chalupa?

Posted Jul 11th 2006 10:41AM by TMZ Staff

Like Pavlov's dogs, Hollywood's hottest starlets start salivating like chihuahuas the second they hear the call of the bell – Taco Bell, that is. Paris Hilton confesses her love for the Nachos Bellgrande to a teeming swarm of lensmen (and obviously just can't get enough of the free drink refills) at a Hollywood location, while Nicole Richie (and then-boytoy Steve-O) make a late night run for the border after some hard partying at the Roosevelt Hotel. Not to be outdone, Britney Spears gives her baby on board just the kind of wholesome nutrition he or she needs with a vitamin-packed chalupa, while Mischa Barton tucks into a burrito to put a little (and we mean a little) meat on her bones. Now, everybody's had the occasional craving for that gloopy, cheesy, meaty Taco Bell goodness. But what could be driving these stick-thin starlets to indulge their inner frat boy with such glee to the exclusion of other fast-food options like McDonald's, Burger King, and such delicious LA staples as Del Taco and In-n-Out Burger?Could it be the round-the-clock service? The little yappy spokesdog? The low, low prices? Or maybe those incredibly annoying yet mesmerizing "Good to Go" TV spots for the Crunchwrap Supreme? Whatever secret seasoning they're putting in the ground beef, it's definitely got these girls thinking outside the bun.

Don't you see: when Brit comes back from yet another meeting with her mom and divorce lawyer, ready to serve papers to Kevin, he convinces her to put them in the shredder by dangling a chalupa and seven layer in front of her. well, that and all his charm, of course.

I don't want to start a list of similarities between Brit and myself but it is hard to resist a guy who loves Taco Bell as much as us girls. Just imagining them crying over their chicken crunchwrap, mourning the loss of the love of their lives is too much agony to endure. So then I guess we'll call that love.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Love The Washington Post

I read something remarkable in the Post today. This particular item was published in Sunday's Outlook section. This is the weekly section devoted to op-eds, political analysis/essays, etc.

I suppose to explain why I was reading this Sunday section on a Tuesday, I should tell you a little about myself. I like to think I am a "spontaneous" person but not so when it comes to the newspaper. My daily routine goes something like this: wake up, bring in paper, quickly toss the Business section in the recycling pile, scan the Sports section to see how badly the Cubs lost the previous day (if they won, I'll open the section and read about it), check out the stupid Metro section and wonder why I even bother to look at it, then I read the fun Style section during breakfast; thus I save the most brain taxing section, the front page, for the commute to and fro work. It's a nice routine.

Sundays, however, are a different story. The front page loses out to the Outlook section for most brain taxing (front page: the world is ending; Outlook: why the world is ending). After reading all the fun Sunday only sections in bed, I sometimes don't have it in me for Outlook. This week, I didn't get to it until today at lunch. But boy! If i ever think about skipping the section altogether in the future, I will remember this article and keep on saving that section til I read it.

So, without further ado:

A Run for the Border

By P.W. SingerSunday, July 9, 2006; Page B03

Those of us who track federal contracting come across unusual announcements all the time. Sometimes they are a useful indicator of preparations for a policy soon to be enacted. Other times they signify nothing more than a government bureaucracy in all its inane glory. How, then, should we react to the solicitation at right -- a Department of Homeland Security request for an "indefinite quantity, indefinite delivery" of burritos to be stockpiled along the Texas border?

The contract raises a feast of questions: Why didn't Homeland Security just get the super-value meal? More important, is Taco Bell disqualified from bidding because of its slogan "Make a run for the border"?

Posted in late June, the solicitation came on the heels of another spicy tidbit on the same government database -- a contract for as much as $385 million awarded just a few months ago to Dick Cheney's old firm Halliburton to be on call in case the government ever needs to build 5,000-person camps for "temporary detention and processing." Could we have here a bean-and-beef-stuffed sign that the administration is contemplating a showy border sweep before the congressional elections?

That such conspiracy theories should even come to mind is a sad statement about our politics. Rather than serious public debate, we've been served a summer of faux outcries, such as describing flag burning and same-sex marriage as epidemics and treating immigration as a national security crisis. It's enough to give anyone indigestion.

P.W. Singer, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, always gets the Gorditas.

(wait--who gets the gorditas?)

There's a picture to go along with this article. I'm having trouble posting it so hopefully it will follow. It's something.

Another thing: what, are immigrants never vegetarians? just like the U.S. to not take such a thing into account.

Monday, July 10, 2006

60,000 new videos a day???

I read an article in the Washington Post yesterday about YouTube. As the subject indicates, 60,000 videos are added everyday. Good Grief! What would Chrissie's mom say about people with this kind of time on their hands?

But, some of the videos/recasts provide unlimited amounts of fun, games, and laughs.

My friend Chris sent me this video on YouTube last week, assuming that I'd seen it "because it's my job." And I had. But somehow I either hadn't thought to post it on this blog (in other words, I was slacking on the job) or I'd gotten distracted. Who knows? Regardless, enjoy:

Now that you've seen it, let's discuss:


Some might argue that it gets pretty "out of control" after the first 5 layers, but come on: how can you go wrong with layer after layer of beans and tortillas and cheese and many sauces? pizza? blueberry pancakes? all great flavors--together AND deep fried!?!?!?!?!

Now, while SNL intends to satirize the crunchwrap/layered tacos at Taco Bell and give a hard hitting critique on the excessive nature of American fast food establishments, it does so very well--something not often said about SNL skits. See, Taco Bell brings out the best in people: whether it be through long-running and popular tv shows or though little known blogs.

News That's Fit to Print

This is newsworthy, eh?
When the new Arby's opened in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, the line of cars was a few blocks long. I can't imagine how long the line for the new Taco Bell must have been! Surely not so long that it wouldn't have made more sense for consumers to drive to one of the other 36 Taco Bells in the Phoenix area. Surely...

Sí, Maricopa is getting its own Taco Bell

Jim Batt
Special for The Republic
Jul. 7, 2006 12:00 AM

Maricopa residents have been waiting for months and now are getting their own Taco Bell.

The fast-food Mexican restaurant is scheduled to open Sunday at 20980 N. John Wayne Parkway, in the Bashas' shopping center. Donna Anasse will be the manager of the new store, which will employ 45.

This is a franchised store owned by Westaco Inc., and will be the 37th Taco Bell in the Phoenix area. Interested job applicants can call Howard Henley at (602) 332-0397 or Anasse at the store.

Friday, July 07, 2006

A Follow-Up

This is the book I referenced yesterday. I spoke to my mom this morning, inquiring about the title, and she went right to it on her bookshelf for it while reminding me that it was the dog who got the good mood rolling back the tide of the bad mood--thus erasing all the nastiness. see, it's a book that really sticks with one after one (or one thousand) reading(s).

So read it and next time you want to pass your bad mood onto to someone else, think of it, me, and taco bell. all things that are bound to make you happy.

Oh, I didn't get my taco bell yesterday. Ended up at another eatery in the neighborhood for veggie burgers. good but...well, you know the but of it.

Also, I need advice: when my mom asked me why i thought of this book, i said, "oh i wrote about it yesterday." I haven't told her about my blog because i don't know how to explain blogs to someone who has never "surfed" the 'net and whose grasp of email is, well, limited to two log-ins in her entire life. i kept my answer to: "oh something like an email." a friend of mine showed my blog to his mom when explaining a blog to her, but i think she already had knowledge of the internet and email so he wasn't starting from scratch. so far, I've assumed to avoid the subject altogether with my mom. the frustration of it all could lead to a mr. jones incident. if you have suggestions, please pass them onto me.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Triple Fried Beans

So after Erin and I discussed beans in the comments on the last post and developed the idea for triple fried beans, I decided to google this yet untasted dish, hoping perhaps, that it had a place in the world, even if I had yet to visit that place.

It hasn't, apparently, because only one instance of triple fried beans was found and SURPRISE, it was in someone's blog. praise be the blog. here is the post (it's actually quite good):

Mexico - the Worlds Most Unimaginative Chefs?

Mexico is a country famous for its signature dish...
Refried Beans
How did this arise? Lets look back in time .....
Mr and Mrs Mexican are happily living away in Mexico. Each day they go down to the fields, collect some beans, bring them back to the house and then eat them. Each day, its beans for breakfast, beans for lunch, beans for dinner. Sometimes its beans for supper too. On special occasions, fiestas and public holidays, its beans.
Eventually, after several hundreds (or maybe thousands?) of years, Mr Mexican said to Mrs Mrs Mexican "Hey, these beans are a bit dull. Lets liven it up a bit by cooking them".
"OK" says Mrs Mexican "How do you want to cook them? What interesting technique will you use to make these beans more interesting than they already are?"
"Erm, fry them?" says Mr Mexican.
Many more centuries (millennia?) later, Mrs Mexican says to Mr Mexican, "There fried beans are still fabulous, but to be honest a diet of fried beans is starting to seem a little bit samey. Any chance we can try something else - maybe as a treat, for Cinquo de Maio or something?"
So, Mr Mexican puts on his Mexican Thinking Hat and retires to the kitchen. Later that night he triumphantly returns.
"See darling - look what I have made!" he flamboyantly exclaims in a way only a flamboyant (but married with children in case you are thinking that...) Mexican man can do. "I have invented a whole new dish for you my darling - Refried beans !"
Lets face it - beans, fairly unimaginative. Fried beans - Not much better. Frying the little f--kers again - now, that was positively moving backwards on the imaginative scale at a rate of knots...
At least we know that some time, maybe around 2096 0r 2098, Mexico will be due another culinary earthquake. And then lets all just pray that the world is ready for the sensation that will truly be:
"triple-fried beans!"

Burrito Block

I'm at a loss: I don't know what to write about today. Maybe I should have taken a cue from the old book of cliches and not say anything if i don't have anything to say (sans the bit about "nice").

But I do have this bit to say: I am CRAVING taco bell today like it's my job. seriously, i wish it were my job because then I could leave my real job and go fulfill my craving. I would even eat those nasty fiesta potatoes at this point. bethesda, maryland is probably the only suburb in the country that doesn't have a taco bell. cruel irony, no?

But what i really want is a bean burrito (maybe even two) and a crunchwrap. ahhhhhhhhhh.

What i am actually going to have for lunch: a boring salad. lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, onion, corn, dressing. yes, it doesn't sound as bad and boring as it is. but there's no cheese, beans, or tortilla in the equation so i feel sorry for myself. and because i feel sorry for myself about my boring lunch, i am writing this boring post. which will in turn bore you. and you'll take that boredom, let it weigh you down, and, in turn, bore someone else.

it's like that children's book about bad moods. mr. jones is in a bad mood so he doesn't kiss his wife, mrs. jones, goodbye when he leaves for work. so he puts her in a bad mood which causes her to yell at her son who then yells at his sister, who then yells at her friend, who then yells at her dog. BUT the dog, because animals are better than people, doesn't let her mood get him down and makes her laugh so she called up mean friend and apologizes (even though she hadn't done anything wrong) and they make up so sister makes up with son who makes up with mom who kisses mr. jones when he returns from work, and by that time he was in a good mood anyway.

moral of the story: it's always the man's fault. AND if they all knew they were going to Taco Bell for dinner that evening, they would never have let mr. jones' crabbiness get them down in the first place. that's not bribery. just a reason to be happy.

this is a weird post. i should delete it, but i don't like deleting things i write. i rather waste your time than mine.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Even though it's not Taco Bell...

I want to eat it.

Play it.

Love it.


But someone once told me you can't have your cheese and eat it too.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Where Have All the ChocoTacos Gone?

You tell me.
I've fervantly searched Taco Bells, convenient stores, and the internet.

My educated guess: though made by different companies, the same type of people who pushed Hershey's Cookies-n-Mint chocolate bars out of mainstream America have raged war on the ChocoTaco. And they've won.

Let's call them Facists.

Yes, apparently, Facism has extended its borders beyond that of the Bush Administration. Now we can't even eat our sweet chocolate in the company of freedom.

Happy Independence Day my ass.