Thursday, July 27, 2006


So for the first time in quite a long time, I didn't know what to write today. I asked whipcreamy. She replied "civil disobedience." I think my post two days ago got her excited for another political discussion. I, however, cannot deviate from the subject too often so I replied that sadly, I would not discuss civil disobedience today. Perhaps over the phone.

Whip then sent me a website on the 2004 Taco Bell Truth Tour. This tour was, of course, devoted to the boycott of Taco Bell. I don't like to talk about it. I am sad there was a need for a boycott, glad there was one, ashamed that I didn't have the willpower to participate, and happy that it is now over with Taco Bell back on the straight and narrow. I wonder if Glen Bell had a hand in this negotiation.

But look at this bell the website displayed. nasty! and clever! all par for the course in the world of civil disobedience. okay, so this isn't really the big c.d. but let's say it is because then i will have written about whip's original request and included her research.


Blogger whipcreamy said...

yes, it IS pretty harsh.....but i guess the point is to get people wanting to learn more...

but now wee can go back to the good old bell ringer!

9:47:00 AM  

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