Wednesday, July 26, 2006

News Flash: Glen Bell and Wife Dorothy Split

Okay so this was a news flash circa 1950. And it wasn't really newsworthy because Glen hadn't invented Taco Bell yet so no one cared about him. But...

After the yawn chapters of Taco Titan which I read on Sunday, I was hesistant to open the book last night. But there it was, staring at me as I put Anne Tyler on the nightstand. Well, I'll skim a few pages, I thought. Eventually it's got to get good.

Well, we are quickly approaching the "good" section. Glen decided to start making tacos at his hamburger stand--as an appetizer. He bought a new restaurant across from a tortilla factory and started the taco experimentation. Now, for some reason that was not entirely clear, apparently he sold that restaurant and Bell's Hamburgers rather quickly. He's not one for staying the course. But in selling the restaurants, I think his intent was to revamp the food business and make tacos a larger staple of his restaurant's menu.

He thought selling French Fries and Tacos together would be perfect harmony. I am glad things have not evolved as such. Ganga, however, should get in touch with him today and attempt to persaude him of her grand plan for Taco Bell's role in bringing goodwill to the world: add French Fries to the menu (we'll call them Mexican Fries) and all profits from the Fries alone will go to charity. Not the stupid Taco Bell Foundation (which might not be "stupid" but probably doesn't promote leftist issues).

But sadly, Glen's marriage could not withstand the hours he devoted to his business. Dorothy pleaded with him to spend more time with their son Rex (why the name choice, Glen?) and her. When he didn't make it home for Rex's birthday party, she realized that tacos, hamburgers, tortillas, and french fries would always come before his family.

I wish I could hand out tissues to you all via the computer screen. I am sure you need them.

More detail to follow on Glen's taco adventures.


Blogger anne altman said...

but surely you'd abandon your family for TB wouldn't you?

1:03:00 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

if my kid was named rex, there's no telling what i'd do.

1:36:00 PM  

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