Thursday, July 06, 2006

Triple Fried Beans

So after Erin and I discussed beans in the comments on the last post and developed the idea for triple fried beans, I decided to google this yet untasted dish, hoping perhaps, that it had a place in the world, even if I had yet to visit that place.

It hasn't, apparently, because only one instance of triple fried beans was found and SURPRISE, it was in someone's blog. praise be the blog. here is the post (it's actually quite good):

Mexico - the Worlds Most Unimaginative Chefs?

Mexico is a country famous for its signature dish...
Refried Beans
How did this arise? Lets look back in time .....
Mr and Mrs Mexican are happily living away in Mexico. Each day they go down to the fields, collect some beans, bring them back to the house and then eat them. Each day, its beans for breakfast, beans for lunch, beans for dinner. Sometimes its beans for supper too. On special occasions, fiestas and public holidays, its beans.
Eventually, after several hundreds (or maybe thousands?) of years, Mr Mexican said to Mrs Mrs Mexican "Hey, these beans are a bit dull. Lets liven it up a bit by cooking them".
"OK" says Mrs Mexican "How do you want to cook them? What interesting technique will you use to make these beans more interesting than they already are?"
"Erm, fry them?" says Mr Mexican.
Many more centuries (millennia?) later, Mrs Mexican says to Mr Mexican, "There fried beans are still fabulous, but to be honest a diet of fried beans is starting to seem a little bit samey. Any chance we can try something else - maybe as a treat, for Cinquo de Maio or something?"
So, Mr Mexican puts on his Mexican Thinking Hat and retires to the kitchen. Later that night he triumphantly returns.
"See darling - look what I have made!" he flamboyantly exclaims in a way only a flamboyant (but married with children in case you are thinking that...) Mexican man can do. "I have invented a whole new dish for you my darling - Refried beans !"
Lets face it - beans, fairly unimaginative. Fried beans - Not much better. Frying the little f--kers again - now, that was positively moving backwards on the imaginative scale at a rate of knots...
At least we know that some time, maybe around 2096 0r 2098, Mexico will be due another culinary earthquake. And then lets all just pray that the world is ready for the sensation that will truly be:
"triple-fried beans!"


Blogger whipcreamy said...

bit it won't be in 2098! it will be this year! cuz WE are gonna make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!

12:45:00 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

we are mexican at heart, aren't we? i hope they fare better with the election recount than we did.

12:54:00 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

they didn't fare better with the recount. we are officially one with the liberals and beans of mexico.

8:50:00 AM  

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