Friday, July 07, 2006

A Follow-Up

This is the book I referenced yesterday. I spoke to my mom this morning, inquiring about the title, and she went right to it on her bookshelf for it while reminding me that it was the dog who got the good mood rolling back the tide of the bad mood--thus erasing all the nastiness. see, it's a book that really sticks with one after one (or one thousand) reading(s).

So read it and next time you want to pass your bad mood onto to someone else, think of it, me, and taco bell. all things that are bound to make you happy.

Oh, I didn't get my taco bell yesterday. Ended up at another eatery in the neighborhood for veggie burgers. good but...well, you know the but of it.

Also, I need advice: when my mom asked me why i thought of this book, i said, "oh i wrote about it yesterday." I haven't told her about my blog because i don't know how to explain blogs to someone who has never "surfed" the 'net and whose grasp of email is, well, limited to two log-ins in her entire life. i kept my answer to: "oh something like an email." a friend of mine showed my blog to his mom when explaining a blog to her, but i think she already had knowledge of the internet and email so he wasn't starting from scratch. so far, I've assumed to avoid the subject altogether with my mom. the frustration of it all could lead to a mr. jones incident. if you have suggestions, please pass them onto me.


Blogger Liz said...

SO i just got the following email from Chrissie (she's one of those "longtime readers, never bloggers". oH! and TODAY is her birthday so wish her one if you know her..or even if you don't because she is wonderful and now 27!). Anyway, here's the email:

So I was just reading your blog. Funny stuff because for the first
time last night I showed my mom your and patrick's blogs! What a
coincidence for this issue to come up in your blog today. (again, we
are so in tune with each other. half moon cookies. moms and blogs. Im sure the list goes on.) Unfortunately though I dont have much insight in how to deal with your mom and the blog. My mom is rather computer savvy so that helps. Although she still was dumbfounded at how people
have time to write, read and respond to blogs. She says our generation should be doing more important things, like reading the newspaper.
Does this mean she thinks that devoting a blog to taco bell is
unimportant? I dont know. Shame on her though for that comment.

2:42:00 PM  
Blogger anne altman said...

well, liz, my suggestion is this:

explain to her the etymology of the word blog, "web log" which in essence is a web-based diary.

a public place to ramble, share your thoughts and whatnot.

then she'll say, "oh." and never check it.

ive sent links to mine to my mom, and even though she's self-wired her car for Bluetooth, she's too popular and busy to check it all the time. if ever.


10:44:00 AM  
Blogger Ashley said...

Happy b'day Chrissie!
Lizard, your mom will catch on soon enough. My mom was clueless 12 months ago and is now up to par. I don't even understand the word blog or the evolution myself... Maybe if you just tell her to look at it like your on-line journal maybe?

11:37:00 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

oh--anne, i am not even thinking of my mom checking it. just the definition/explanation. online journal is nice. i do remember a conversation on new year's day 2005 about blogs and i had NO idea what they were. so incidently, i figured they were lame.

12:03:00 PM  

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