Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Last year I went on a mini-hiatis from the blog to go to Bonnaroo as some of you might recall. We made the long trek to Manchester with the help of baby Chalups and Taco Bell.
Bonnaroo was this past weekend. Unfortunately, I have not blogged because I have nothing to say, not because I was in Manchester, TN, watching this guy:

However, if you'd like to see a clip of Wilco's performance at Bonnaroo, check it out here.
Some of you might recall a video a posted awhile back of a band's Taco Bell video. Well the guy who notified me of this piece of work wrote me today to give me the d-lo on his trip to Bonnaroo. Apparently Wilco "rocked the house" which is no surprise. Of course he hit up Taco Bell en route and had a delicious cheesy rice and bean burrito. I guess I would have had the same experience to report had I gone to Bonnaroo so I shouldn't complain. It's like I was there. And I'll pretend like I really believe I'll be able to go next year.
And this Thursday I will be in Columbia, MD to see Wilco so I guess I have that going for me even though I am not tan from 4 days in the Tennessee sun and have no music festivals on the horizon.
This post is a little disjointed. Listen to Wilco is the point. Don't listen to the chatter that the new album is "disappointing". It's really very good and apparently awesome live.


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