Friday, November 17, 2006

Reason #87 Not to Build the Great Fence

So conservatives, minutemen, and aholes want the U.S. to build a 700 foot long fence between the U.S. and Mexico to curb the immigration problem. Let's try moving to the 21st century, folks. The concept is completely ridiculous--it's ineffectual and rude/condensending/ pretentious, etc etc.

So there are about 86 national reputational and obligatory reasons why we should not build this Great Fence.


I've often written of the superiority of Taco Bells on the West Coast, especially a lovely establishment in Santa Barbara, which, 3 years--almost to the day--since my eating there, still remains #1 on a very long list. A friend recently went to Phoenix and discovered the veracity of this theory for himself. More beans and toppings, better flavor--all in all remarkably better than the East Coast Taco Bells.

Obviously the East Coast and Midwestern Taco Bells are still delicious, especially those in suburban areas, but if ever one becomes desparate for a perfect combination of Taco Bell ingredients, (s)he best book it to the West/Southwest Coast. Presumably this superiority stems from the proximity to the Mexican border. The influence overfloweth the border. Thank goodness. But what, praytell, are we going to do when the Great Fence exists. WIll the Great Influence be as capable of overflowing into the U.S.? That is a big and long fence to overcome. I am doubtful. I am worried.

Our only hope: the Democratic Congress. So far, that still leaves me a little worried. Murtha? You serious, Pelosi? Get it together.


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