Tuesday, November 14, 2006

On Embassy Row, A Hotel Made for a Pimp

Having lived in D.C. for the past 4 years, I thought I knew my city fairly well--at least the vincinity in which I reside. Well, again, KFed has managed to surprise.

The Washington Post reported to day that KFed has stayed at the "hipster hotel Rouge." So I thought it my duty to report to y'all this information since yesterday I warned that you should stayed locked in your apartments until all threat of the pimpmaster himself had passed.

Well, my friends, apparently KFed's posse managed to find a hotel to fit his desires. I wouldn't have guessed it in this part of town--it's a little swanky, a little snooty, a lot not made for a white ghetto wannabe rapper. But he found his niche.

Check out the rooms. How many drunk ladies do you think he managed to bring back to this room? 0-1? How many did he try to bring back? infinite.


Blogger Ashley said...

I've always wondered what that hotel is like. Now I know, it's like yikes.

2:52:00 PM  

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