Thursday, October 19, 2006


The word vacation is so pre-mid 2006.

Have you noticed? Now's it all mancation, mancation, mancation. Well, I would like to introduce the sister of the mancation: womancation. And I am going on one tomorrow. Upstate New York, Vermont, back to upstate New York. It will include a long car ride, cheetos, after peak leaves, delicious dinners, cheese, wine, cozy fires, chocolate, brunches, a few factory tours (magic hat and ben and jerry's), baking, music, freeze dancing, hopefully a cheesey gordita crunch, and--best and most important of all--some wonderful, wonderful girlfriends.

The only downside: no access to the world wide web. okay, that's not such a bad downside. y'all will just have to watch grey's anatomy and think about taco bell on your own for a few days. or you can just think about my enjoying dear wilco and then flying off to a long weekend of fabulous fun.



Blogger whipcreamy said...

yes folks it's WOMANACATION! woohoo! food, folks, and fun........


8:39:00 AM  
Anonymous From Canada said...

I have to be honest I have not read your blog as a whole yet... but I do have to say I was searching the internet in the very very very off chance there was an interpretation of a Taco Bell dream I had and here you were at number one in Google... which makes me wonder about the keyword search of this type of dream and how many other people have had one...
Like I said I have not read all the blog but in some way shape or form I thought I would send you a message... perhaps there is meaning to all this...

I had a dream of going to Taco Bell I have not gone in about hmm... 2 years perhaps... it started out with me in the drive thru but not at the sound machine but at the pick up window... I ordered drinks and couldn't make up my mind on how many although I know 2 was ordered and then I changed it to 3 but I was not with anyone (or at least I could see) and then I ordered a hamburger... which I was corrected on and then ordered 3 soft tacos... the dream is vague from there... but I was then sleeping in the dream and awoke and realized I overslept and then picked up the phone in the dream and called and asked where my Taco Bell was... I don't ever remember my dreams... especially so vividly... I have not even seen a Taco Bell commercial on TV in a long time and I don't even drive near one... so I was wondering why the heck a Taco Bell dream... just thought I would share... thought it was the wierdest dream to have...

10:28:00 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

from canada: thank you so much for sharing. i love that i am number one on some google search!

i hope you go to a taco bell soon--perhaps on your next road trip. since you've last eaten there, they've introduced the crunchwrap which are delicious.

i can only guess that your stomach was talking to your mind in your sleep. saying...i am hungry for something damn good. answer that stomach.

11:11:00 AM  
Blogger whipcreamy said...

from canada: you should come to womancation (if you are a woman) and eat taco bell with us. we will be in northern vermont this weekend. the taco bell is at the mall in burlington. wanna meet there at say 3ish? saturday that is.

12:10:00 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

haha. whipcreamy probably won't have her mask on at the mall. and we'll all be wearing big smiles so that's how you can recognize us. or you can yell. we are cool with that, too. see you then.

2:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Tania from Canada said...

Hi there, I thought I would come back and say hello.
To be quite honest I have had some odd things happen to be as of late. I am by no means a spiritual person (sorry, I never was) but now for some reason I feel like I have had a second chance at life. Weird things happening and I am trying to find answers in all dreams and everything else happening to me.
Ironically we have a Burlington where I am. I am in Ontario, Canada about 15 minutes from Burlington, Ontario and there is a mall there. But actually Burlington does not have one single Taco Bell there because of some sort of grading of meat.
Yes I am a girl. 27 in fact.
But sadly on the other side of the border and far from Vermont. Although I always wanted to know the deal with skiing and that State. LOL
I wouldn't have sent the first comment if not for the odd stuff happening to me lately. It's something to do with 11:11 time prompts. I am trying to find meaning in everything these days as like I said, although I was never spiritual I feel like I was given a second chance. And I never ever used to remember my dreams but now I am.

The only thing I really like at Taco Bell is cheesy fries and chicken gorditas and soft tacos. I have had Taco Bell in the States before many years ago but it tastes so different from Canada. I don't know which one I like better. I'm getting hungry now... LOL

9:36:00 AM  

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