Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another Reason I Should Fire Myself

I have been seriously lax on the Grey's Anatomy recaps. I apologize. The first episode was god-awful. There's no way I could stomach recapping that mess.

The second week was better. Anne did a synopsis. I was sick and throwing pity parties. Good excuse.

But last week...NO excuse, and I can't remember it well enough to do it justice. It was a good episode. Ol' Alex came through in the end, when needed, per usual. He's such an ass but he really does think about things and do the right thing when no one else will. And part of his medical plotline was with the girl from Little Miss Sunshine. She's adorable, and I want to adopt her. But I guess she has parents or at least more money than me so maybe she can take care of me...well, anyway, I digress. Even though she wasn't wearing those great red cowboy boots on this episode, I found her terribly endearing.

Back to Grey's: Meridith is annoying! who knew? oh, everyone.
Christina is still selfish. but yes, i still think she the comic relief in a very unconventional way. i laugh anyway.
Addison: back to the ole lovah. Or not. I guess he's sticking around in the hotel for a bit, hoping to win her heart. Will she leave the show? I think she should go back to New York. How awkward to work in the hospital with your ex-husband and possibly his former and future girlfriend?
Burke: poor guy. he's depressed. he'll get better thanks to the raw chicken christine brought home for him to disect. awwwwwwwwwww, she's not always selfish.
Izzy: she's not wearing make up or doing her hair and she looks great. kudos. guess she doesn't feel great, though. maybe tonight she'll make it in the hospital to beg for her job.
Miranda: she's gone soft. I am a little disappointed.
George: still not standing up to Callie. or anyone. I liked Callie in this episode. Who knew she'd grow on me? She does weird things, though. And George really needs to get it together with that hair. It's terrible.


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