Thursday, October 12, 2006

Arlington, VA, let me count the ways I love you...

1. the taco bell on Wilson Blvd is AWESOME. it's so clean and big and colorful. it has ample parking. sauce packets galore. sporks and knives, too. You have given DC a run for its reputation in this regard.

2. hmm...that is the only regard. But I don't mean to diss. It's a good one reason if anything can only have one loveable reason. Some might insist that Arlington Cemetary should be number 2. Well, they'd have a valid point. It is a beautiful place. But it smacks of the existance of war. I don't need that on list of love.

I'm going today. This is the Sunday afternoon raincheck coming into play (i.e. my stomach). As I mentioned last week, I haven't been in some time. It's embarrassing: embarrassing enough to declare that I don't deserve to be manager of this blog? Eh...let's not take it there. It's the only job I've really liked. I am going to keep it.

I made a wicked good but ridiculously healthy black bean soup at the beginning of the week. I've been eating it once, sometimes twice a day. I am ready for some unhealthy beans but miraculously not ready to give up beans. I take pride in that devotion. Props, please.


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