Thursday, October 05, 2006

Despite the Mini-Hiatis, Taco Bell Things Are Happening

They never stop.

I should probably explain the dwindling number of posts to this blog in recent weeks. No, I haven't fallen out of love with Taco Bell and beans and cheese and mild sauce and tortillas and all things delicious.

But honestly, I haven't eaten anything from Taco Bell in awhile. a long while and I guess that, a few bouts of sicknesses and this thing called work and accepting the end of summer has taken its toll not only on my sanity but on my blog. I am ready to jump back into life, though.

And by life I mean:

1. enjoying things outside the confines of my apartment.
2. burritoes
3. playing the "dress the sauce packet" on
4. putting on a sweatshirt and remembering that I've survived the arrival of fall/winter 27 other times in my life so I can do it again.
5. pretending that I am not turning 28 this fall.
6. pretending that everything in my life is COMPLETELY on track with the carefully laid plans I made in my pre-teens (i.e. living alone with cats sans career and graduate degree and dogs and babies).

Alrighty then!
So here are the things Taco-Bell related that have occured recently:

1. I had a dream about Taco Bell the other night. I ordered two burritoes. A lot of other stuff related to TB happened. I woke up--or dreamt that I woke up--and thought, I have to rememeber this. I don't.
2. Whilst sick, my dad reported to me that a friend of a friend cures his sickness by piling 11-12 hot sauce packets from Taco Bell on one TB menu item and it supposedly cures him. I was feeling too sorry for myself to even attempt such a fun cure.
3. I've received a lot of google alerts about recent robberies at Taco Bells throughout the country. Apparently burglers think fast-food Mexican restaurants hold the motherload of cash.
4. One woman was arrested for a DUI after passing out in a Taco Bell drive through.


Blogger Ashley said...

OK - Where is whatever it was we were talking about T. Bell? Oh, the story abtou the T. Bell guy Jen and I saw in the airport. Also, speaking of dreams... you never told me the one about Sir Tweedy and him knowing our names or something. You had it last week and unlike the T. Bell dream, I hope you remember that one.
28 is so young.

4:30:00 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

i couldn't remember it either but wanted to add it to the list.
i can barely remember the tweedy one now. we were friends with him, though!

8:15:00 AM  

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