Friday, September 29, 2006

Good Things Happen in East Lansing

Cab service now delivers late-night Taco Bell fix to students

The State News

The midnight walk for munchies is a thing of the past now that Taco Bell food is available for delivery.

Earlier this month, Holt-based Cab Cuisine became the new middleman for Taco Bell and MSU students. The delivery service, which contracts with 67 other eateries and fast food restaurants, added Taco Bell to its list.

A Taco Bell representative said thus far, coupling with the delivery service has been a success.
"This is definitely a great option for us," said California-based Taco Bell Corp. spokesman Rob Poetsch. "Being able to participate does have a benefit to our customers and to their business as well."

Poetsch declined to say if sales have increased because of the new service.

Customer convenience is the reason Taco Bell turned to Cab Cuisine for delivery.

"That location does not have a drive-through," Poetsch said.

Bill Zerba, owner of Cab Cuisine, started the company from his home last June. He said already students are gravitating toward the fast food delivery. On the first Friday Taco Bell delivery was possible, more than half of his customers requested it, Zerba said.

Zerba's business receives about 500 calls each week.

In the early '90s, Zerba worked as a manager for Take Out Taxi. After it went out of business, Zerba started his own delivery service.

Zerba said MSU students mostly call after returning from the late-night bar scene or on Sunday when the residence halls' cafeterias are closed.

The brightly colored fliers advertising the new Taco Bell delivery service excited Nicole Bauman and some of her friends.

With "Laguna Beach" on their television, they were hesitant to walk away from the show.

"It's a very serious time," the preveterinary freshman joked.

So Bauman ordered Taco Bell, saying it was convenient, although perhaps pricey for students because of the added $3.75 delivery charge.

Lansing Community College student Andrew Izzo liked the idea.

"It's pizza delivery — only tacos," Izzo said.

(Izzo is brilliant, clearly).
So this is a good reason to move to East Lansing, isn't it? Sure the MSU students might grate on my nerves, but I could just wash that irritation down with a bean burrito and cleanse the ole slate.


Blogger Ashley said...

I miss college and I love that these campuses need 50 employees and room to sit 150 at the T. Bell.

1:36:00 PM  
Blogger whipcreamy said...

isnt fritz from east lansing?

1:07:00 PM  

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