Monday, September 11, 2006

Despite History Showing Otherwise, Brit Has Her Priorities Straight

Keep appointment to have baby OR go to Taco Bell.

My girl Brit...keeping it real, per usual.

Britney Spears Baby has to Wait for Taco Bell

By Jennifer Cox
Sep 9, 2006

Britney Spears baby rumors hit a fever pitch at the end of the week. The gist was that Britney Spears would soon again be a mom as she was to check into the UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center on Thursday and was scheduled to have a baby girl via C-section on Friday.

Unfortunately for the very pregnant Britney - that turned out to be false.
The former pop star was spotted in LA, but she was at Taco bell, not at the hospital.
X17 Photo Agency tailed mom to the drive through window of the popular fast food resteraunt and reports that "while everyone and their cousin was distracted by all the buzz about Britney being spirited away to the hospital to deliver Jailynn, Britney took the opportunity to slip out of the house for a Taco Bell run instead!"


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