Friday, September 29, 2006

Bowling Green, OH: Where NOT to move

at least til Mid-December.

The residents have a crisis on their hands: NO Taco Bell.

However, as you'll read, the new "BOLD CHOICE" Taco Bell which will replace this old, smaller one. So soon people from all over Ohio will probably be hopping in their cars to drive to the new, not closest, Taco Bell. Good thing gas prices have dropped.

I know people don't really like reading news articles on this blog, but I really am fascinated with the two I've posted today.

Phasing out Taco Bell

By: Nathan Robson

Issue date: 9/27/06

The BG News

With the close of Taco Bell last week, students are left finding new restaurants to eat at after a night at the bars.

Students like senior Megan Grandstaff are now eating at places such as Big Boy, Qdoba or Skyline Chili as they wait for the grand re-opening of Taco Bell.

But Skyline Chili could never replace Taco Bell, Grandstaff said. "Its not open on the nights we need it to be open," she said. "I go to '80s night a lot. And chili just doesn't sit well after a night of drinking."

While some students miss the late night service, others say they will miss the food.

"I will be sad when they close because I won't be able to get my French Wrap Quesadilla," said freshman Alisha Griffin. (what is that??)

A spokeswoman for Taco Bell, Monica Hawks, said the restaurant will reopen some time in mid-December. The new design, called "Bold Choice" will be the newest version that Taco Bell has to offer. This new version will have a Southwestern look with an orange and green stone work exterior. The new architecture style and interior design are supposed to give the restaurant a dramatic and modern look, Hawks said. And most importantly to Grandstaff and Griffin, it will be bigger at 3,124 square feet.

"The line gets so long you're literally in the back of the store infringing on people's space," Grandstaff said.

Griffin would prefer to see a larger dining area because the "old one was just too cramped."

The new Taco Bell will have 117 seats compared to the old version, which seated 65.

When the new Taco Bell opens it will have a staff of 50 employees, Hawks said.

All older style Taco Bell restaurants have slowly been phased out and remodeled all over the country, according to restaurant's Web site. Taco Bell officials say the new restaurant version is critical to improving the customers' experience and satisfaction by offering them superior facilities.


Blogger Meddling Methodist said...

How about a X-mas road trip, then?

8:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From everything I've read (over 70 miles away), it would appear that the Skyline Chili has also closed. Did it? And now where is everyone going?

4:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in BG, and Skyline chili did close, for no reason I can tell. I went there regularly, maybe once a month or so, and it seemed to have a fair amount of people. I don't get it. Now there is a bar in its place.

7:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

yeah i live here in town and work at Taco bell in BG as well jobs good drunk people are kinda annoying after 1am in the morning especially if you have been at work since 6-8pm till 6-7am kinda wish you were on the other side of that counter being the one ordering food.

i do like the new store alot better we have 3 service lines for food to help get thru the end of the night RUSH at 2am faster on a weekend in bg its a 3 day weekend every week here.

6:54:00 PM  

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