Friday, October 13, 2006

Why Beanie Babies?

whipcreamy and I just discussed beanie babies.
when was the last time you thought about them? been awhile, probably, but even at the height of this craziness, didn't you wonder "why beanie babies?"

since my blog doesn't allow for random discussions but whipcreamy's "fartless thoughts" one is devoted to that topic, please see her post on beanie babies which she'll discuss by Monday.

I googled beanie babies for a picture of this madness and found this picture which, while not a beanie baby, is far more funny--and, if possible, more twisted.

And what i love about finding this picture, purely coincidentally and absurdly, is that it includes beans. taco bell=beans. things come together even when i didn't foresee a connection. Such a coincidence, which i'll allow you to call brilliance, is part of my plan to make amends for some unfilfulled blog promises.

I am going to take this picture one step further, perhaps too far: some sicko is about to eat this baby and these beans on the spoon. The beans look tasty, the baby cute but not what i would call "tasty". Do you think conservatives have used this picture in advertisements to aliken pro-choice advocates to baby eating monsters? We spice up those babies real good! I mean, we all know they like to say proponents of civil rights are actually just looking for a good, substantive meal. I wouldn't put it past ol' Pat Robertson.

So there. this was going to be a short post but get the mental juices flowing and suddently we're not just talking beanie babies but beans and politics. Unfortunately, I can't think of a clever way in which to incorporate Grey's Anatomy.


Blogger whipcreamy said...

DAMN! That is GREAT! I am a little scared of the baby. Where did you find that picture? Do you like Boston baked beans? I think there is a time and a place for them...but beanie babies, well, there is NEVER a time and a place for them. and last but not least, there is ALWAYS a place for refried beans.

9:35:00 AM  

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