Friday, October 13, 2006

I've Docked My Pay

Apparently I don't even like myself as my own authority figure. I've noted my slacker tendencies hitting up the quality of this blog in recent weeks, and in doing so, asked forgiveness and made necessary apologies, explanations, and amends.

My Grey's Anatomy summaries have taken a big hit. I promised to do better. I missed last night's show. Ironically, though, I missed it for Taco Bell. When two worlds I thought fit together so well--what with the universal love for both--end up clashing, I must question my very purpose.


1. I taped Grey's. I'll watch it right after work. Or maybe tomorrow. But in time for a Monday post.
2. I hadn't been to Taco Bell in so long that i had the following: 2 bean burritoes, a crunchwrap (the crunchy shell in the middle was a little stale), and split an enchirito. And I didn't even feel sick. Impressive? I'll say. I love impressing myself.
3. Afterwards, I chatted it up with a friend for a number of hours, reaching home too late and too tired to give the episode my full attention. Respect, yo.

However, I am going to make some predictions about what happened last night:
1. meridith has a pregnancy scare (okay, i saw it in the preview). prediction: not pregnant but this forces her to think a little bit harder about choosing between derek and finn. if she were preggers, whom would she want to be the babydaddy?
2. burke progresses. christina is happy.
3. callie and george make up. callie find her own place, that's not in the hospital.
4. addison sends mcsteamy packing. again. again, he stays. she relents.
5. izzy makes it back to the hospital. she's not immediately given her job back. perhaps they put her on administrative duty. no, i don't really think that. i don't know. there has to be more drama than just giving her her job back, though.
6. alex. oh alex. he's an ass this week because he was cool last week and they can't make him cool and thoughtful all the time. i am going to guess he and addison have words.
7. miranda. maybe she becomes hard-ass again. i hope so.


Blogger Ashley said...

Did you watch it? Holy Izzy surprize!

10:32:00 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

i know!!!

definitely didn't predict that.

11:11:00 AM  

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