Thursday, October 26, 2006

“It’s not about creating adobo burritos”

I found this quote in an article about Taco Bell inflitrating the Philippines.

The article is lengthy and I am going to paste it below and no one will read it. Suffice to say: they are pumped about their Taco Bells. Apparently many Filippinos have had Taco Bell in the U.S. and return home, commenting to all their family and friends "The U.S. isn't too shabby--some parts are quite beautiful, actually, but it's nice to be back home. Except...except the U.S. has this restaurant which serves delicious tacos and burritos and other strange conncoctions for very little money, and in the two weeks I was visiting, I became addicted. Oh that the Philippines had a Taco Bell! Those Americans are so spoiled!" Or something like that.

Oh, also, in the last paragraph, you'll read that the Taco Bells in the Philippines have Churros with chocolate dip. say what? we don't have that!

If you don't read the article in its entirity (which you should--it's interesting), just know that this article in long and appeared on page 2 of the Philippine Daily Inquirer's "metro"-like section. They are taking this introduction of the Taco Bell to their society very seriously. Much respect.

The Mexican returns –and is here to stay

By Belle V. BondocInquirerLast updated 09:28pm (Mla time) 10/25/2006

Published on Page C2 of the October 26, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

IN the early’80S, Taco Bell, the United States-based Mexican fastfood chain known for its hearty sandwiches, tried to get a foot in the Philippine food business. But the initial attempt failed, for whatever reason.

Several years later, Taco Bell is back and the market is apparently more welcoming. Opening its first restaurant in October 2004 in Gateway Mall in Araneta Center, Taco Bell hasn’t looked back and seems to be here to stay. It now has four outlets serving Mexican food at affordable prices.

“The market has transformed and Mexican food is getting a much better response now,” said Aidan Hay, director of new business development for YUM! restaurants for Asia Pacific. Taco Bell is a subsidiary of YUM!, also the parent company of Pizza Hut and KFC.

Hay was in town recently to check the overall operations of local outlets. He visits the Philippines once every two months to make sure the local team has all the resources it needs to meet the restaurant’s objective.

“Understanding the needs of the consumers, knowing what they want, is what makes restaurant business successful,” said Hay.

For Taco Bell, location is a major consideration, spelling the difference between success and failure.

“We wanted to position the brand to people who want to break their habit, their routine, people who are craving for something new,” said Hay. “It’s not about rice and chicken every single day, it’s about trying something different.”

The food chain plans to open more branches, targeting major cities like Makati and Mandaluyong, and the new SM Mall of Asia.

Tasty snacks

With more and more Filipinos traveling, many have become familiar with the brand and acquired a taste for Taco Bell, especially those who have been to the United States.
The Mexican franchise is widely recognized for its tacos, burritos, fajitas and wraps. Its bestseller obviously is the taco, with its generous and extra-flavorful toppings.

The Grilled Stuft Burrito, with different exciting flavors, is another bestseller. The restaurant also serves the most authentic-tasting nachos in town.

Taco Bell also tries to accommodate the Filipinos’ love for rice with its Border Bowl, rice with different toppings like beef and chicken, beans, three-cheese blend, tomatoes, spring onions and creamy jalapeño sauce.

Although the food at Taco Bell can be customized (more/less stuffing-vegetables, cheese, salsa) it will not be localized, Hay said. “It’s not about creating adobo burritos,” he said. “What we’re trying to do is develop our products to become more acceptable to the local market like adding more flavors and variations so customers will have more options, but the original taste and quality of the brand remain.” The restaurant uses the same standard recipes used in the US.
Hay said their products were probably among the healthiest. And “we’re bringing in our new salad for the health-conscious diners,” he said.

Value meals

This month, the franchise is introducing the Crunch Wrap Supreme, the newest addition to its menu.

It also offers the Big Bell Value menus ranging from P39 to P69. A regular taco and a drink are available for P49. The Mexican Pizza costs P99 as does the Border Bowl.

Also on the menu, among others, are Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, Meximelt (warm and soft flour tortilla with seasoned ground beef, a blend of three-cheese and fiesta salsa melted to perfection) and steak or chicken Quesadillas. Sides and desserts include Nachos Supreme, Refried Beans, Cinnamon Twists and Churros with Chocolate Dip.

Want customers to have an all-around pleasurable experience? Taco Bell’s design tries to create a relaxed and fun ambience where friends and family can enjoy a variety of traditional and innovative creations.


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