Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Cheech and Chong/Coedcation Memory

This morning, I listened to a mix I'd made a few years ago for a camping trip with some friends. Okay, "camping" is pushing it, probably. We camped at the Hershey Park campgrounds. We found a very isolated spot, somehow, though it was definitely family fun time camping--i.e. trailers, pools, kids screaming about chocolate (me), parents screaming at kids, few trees in sight, no walking trails, etc. Oh yeah, and it was July 4th so incorporate the holiday fun into this equation. But Sabrina thought we should see what this chocolate factory was all about and no one could argue with that.

The full camping experience, however, was not available. However, whilst in the car on the first day, we found a gem in Sabrina's car: a Cheech and Chong cassette. I can't describe the sounds other than terribly amusing: sounds that required us to blare the speakers with the windows down and look around to see how others responded to this techno hippie instrumental and sometimes lyrical music...or "music." Since we had this lovely soundtrack and the deep woods camping wasn't happening, we drove around the town of Hershey quite a bit. We went to Taco Bell. Twice. It was good. Surprise. We went to see the 3-D Hearshey movie. It was good. Surprise. We sat around the campfire while Fritz sang us ballads with guitar accompaniment and Sabrina's dance moves. We played with sparklers and were reprimanded by the "park ranger" who subsequently tried to befriend us. Not an easy task but made more difficult when he told us that the war in Iraq was cool and it would be fun to go over there and shoot people because, like the war, big guns are totally cool. That was not good. He and I had words. There was some awkward silence. He left. We played with the sparklers again. Peace returned to the campsite.

Anyway, these memories came flooding back to me this morning as I listened to this mix I made for the trip post facto. The post facto allowed me to put some sweet Cheech and Chong songs on the mix along with a few of the ballads Fritz had sung (including "Lady in Red"). Yes, it was a good commute this morning.

And now: the reason I write this post that thus far has not related to Taco Bell--with the exception of our two trips to its fine establishment in Hershey, PA.

Cheech and Chong has a song about Taco Bell. It's on the mix. It's fabulous. Here are the lyrics:

I was driving around in old Mexico,
I got lost and didn't know which way to go,
I was confused, it was late and I was in a fog,
I ran over the Taco Bell dog.

I felt that smush and I said, "Oh mama"
My low rider crushed that little Chihuahua.
I prayed for forgiveness in a Synagogue,
I ran over the Taco Bell dog.

If I am caught they will put me in a cell with 20 locks,
Unless I can pin it on Jack in the Box.
I'll be whipped, then beaten and then I'll be flogged,
I ran over the Taco Bell dog.

His last words were, "Yo quiero el mdico",
I flattened that pup, to Hell I would go.
I should of skipped driving and gone for a jog,I
ran over the Taco Bell dog.

I ran over the Taco Bell dog.

I ran over the Taco Bell dog.


Blogger whipcreamy said...

so i assuming that this song is post up in smoke...i was thinking that the cheech and chong mix was the one from up and smoke..the best of them all. oh the chihuahua. i miss when taco bell gave those out. i used to collecy them all....i bet you can find em on ebay. that camping trip sounded fun....i like the ranger part.

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