Thursday, November 16, 2006

Letterman's Top Ten List Last Night

If you haven't heard the news--because I haven't mentioned it--earlier this week, a man in Massachusettes accused his local Taco Bell of adding a drug--opiates, most likely--to his taco. He felt all funny and stuff. No further conclusions have been reached, to my knowledge.

However, the Letterman staff jumped on this news, using it in last night's top ten list:

Top Ten Taco Bell Excuses (for said insertion of said drug in taco):

10. Drugs help hide the taste of coyote meat
9. Can't keep staff focused since the Britney/Kevin split
8. Hard to tell what customer ordered through cheap drive-thru microphone, am I right, ladies and gentlemen?
7. We need to hire more drug-sniffing chihuahuas
6. The drugs should kill the E. coli
5. No number 5 -- writer ate bad taco
4. He asked for a value meal, he got a value meal
3. Who cares? It's Impressionist Week
2. Accidentally gave the guy Rush Limbaugh's order
1. We were thinking outside the bun

Do y'all remember many years ago when Letterman worked at a Taco Bell drive-thru for some bits? It was possibly the best stuff ever on the show--I believe that's the #8 reference. And #9--gotta love it.

Speaking of KFed, as we always do, flipping through the tv channels last night, I caught Kevin on the Tyra Banks show. I hate her. I have never seen this show but my obsession with this guy forced a pause between channel flips. This interview was pre-separation/divorce/kfed telling all the world that he is single and looking for ladies. He said he and Brit are 4eva and that "i don't know why but we work really well together." I shed some tears and then had to turn it off.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those Letterman videos are on Youtube.

The guy from Fall River is going to get prosecuted for filing a false report. Hhe pulled a similar act at McD's a few years back

3:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

Maybe you should check out all of your facts before making a statement like that... funny that you could not put your name and have to live behind an anonymous status. Nothing came of that case against him so obviously he did nothing wrong and there was no way that they could put anything against him. They made Phillip look like a piece of shit when the whole time it was the police who were the piece of shit. they went about everything illegally and could not prove anything against Phillip. They should be ashamed of themselves... and people like you defaming someone like this should also be ashamed of yourself, dont you have your own life to live? why are you letting it pass you by to talk about Phillip Daggett?! I am not wasting mine because I get paid to write about him.

10:46:00 AM  

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