Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's A Wonderful Thing...

when the internet unites those of one soul.
at least the taco bell soul.

A guy named Freddie alert me to his friends' song and video about their love for Taco Bell.

It is five minutes long but very much worth your time. If I hadn't been blogging about Taco Bell for a year, I'd worry they'd put my devotion to shame.

so i wrote Freddie, requesting vital information: who is the band? where are you located? WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING FROM TACO BELL? that's the thing about finding soul mates in one category of your life--it's best to keep it to that category. otherwise there is disappointment, heartache, miscommunication, screaming, etc.

I received a prompt response from Freddie. He is trying to help his friends get this video out to the public. I am sure they hope Taco Bell will see it and replace their newest line of lion ads (which are LAME) with their video. I think more people could relate to this song and dance (so to speak) than to lions looking for meat in a tortilla. Anyway, Freddie, the acting agent, talked to his friends, the acting clients and musicians in the band. They got back to me with details of their band and lives and why they feel such a special ping in their hearts for Taco Bell.

Then work sucked me into this hole called, well, work. and i had some other obligations on the side which made me not as capable or enthusize to write. Given the effort this band has put into their Taco Bell song and video, I felt that anything but a wholehearted "THIS VIDEO AND SONG ARE SO FUNNY" post would be lacking.

And so, without further ado, here’s the d-lo on The Mike and Gisonda Band’s “Opportunity Knocking”:

1. The “on-site” part of the video was shot at the Levittown, NY Taco Bell - 3946 Hempstead Turnpike.
Apparently, this was one of the Bells named in the E. Coli debacle.
2. The “off-site” part was shot in Seaford, NY. That doesn’t mean anything to me but the more specifics, the better.
3. Taco Bell is a way of life for these boys, hence the inspiration.
4. They sing about Choco-Tacos but don’t freak out like I did and wonder if this means Taco Bell still sells them somewhere. They do not. The song has been backlogged for a few years—backlogged from a time when Choco-Tacos were sold, eaten, loved.
5. They sang the song to the Taco Bell staff, as you see towards the end of the video, and the staff’s favorite line was "Take me to fuckin' bell" (see, KFed and I both knew that those working at Taco Bell knew it was a large cut above other fast food restaurants. I am glad these employees now know as well).
6. The song was written and first performed in Boston in Fall 2004.
7. After they filmed the video at the Taco Bell, the staff gave them two apple empanadas for FREE. Okay, I think they should have received more for free than that but as we have discovered, Taco Bell is sorta cheap. And okay, I can appreciate that. These boys didn’t think it was cheap so that is all that matters. I will say that when Taco Bell contacts me to tell me how much they LOVE my blog, I will demand more than two free empanadas for my services.
8. Mike, of said Mike in the band’s name, wrote the song. Kudos.
9. Gisonda named the song

Equally important, here are their favorite menu items:

1. Freddie: grilled stuft burrito, beans instead of meat. My all-time favorite item is the cheesy gordita crunch. He gets extra points for substituting for meat. BEANS!
2. Mike: Cheesy Gordita Crunch, the Chicken Ranchero, the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, and the 7-Layer Burrito
3. Gisonda: Beef and Potato Burrito and Cheesy Bean and Rice

To further plug this band in appreciation of their appreciation of Taco Bell, you can check out their website:

Happy Weekend!


Blogger Freddie said...

THANK YOU! This post is amazing. The boys will love it. BTW, Taco Bell Express in Manhattan is not great, but it's good if you keep it simple. the other night i got one hard taco - just beans, lettuce, and tomato - and it was perfect.

P.S. The commercial with the lions sucked.

12:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Gisonda said...

I also thank you very much! I must say, I love everything I've read on the blog, good times.

I should mention those items are my favorites because of the ridiculous low price. Otherwise, I'm a crunchwrap man.

Thank you again, and I look forward to continued reading!

1:01:00 AM  

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