Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Disturbing Reports

I've heard disturbing reports about Taco Bell visits from two friends in the last 24 hours. I feel it is my duty, as the unofficial mascot/critic/employee of Taco Bell, to relay negative stories about Taco Bell not in order to give it a bad name, of course, but for a mostly supportive reasons:

1. in hopes that someone out there--perhaps an official spokesperson/researchers/mailroom clerk for Taco Bell reads this blog and will report to the higher-ups. i'm pretty sure the folks at Taco Bell are reading this blog and finding a way to use it to their creative and financial gain but haven't alerted me so as to keep their money to themselves. (this thinking is why i had to insert "mostly" before the aforementioned "supportive").
2. so the TB headquarters can send a memo to managers, nationwide, calling on them to be on the lookout for persisting problems and customer complaints.
3. to remind Taco Bell, that it has yet to completely weather the effects of the E-Coli mess. Some people have smartly chosen not to allow that scare to prevent them from future visits to the border. You MUST keep these folks returning. They may not care about E-Coli but they care about sauce and service.

With that introduction, the incidents at hand:

1. Whipcreamy ordered two bean burritoes sans onions from the drive-thru. she drove away with her order correct but only TWO mild sauce packets. TWO!!! some people would riot at such a discovery. Luckily, Whipcreamy is completely rational.
2. James sat in a Taco Bell drive-thru for 5 minutes without service. Remaining patient for a bean and rice burrito and nachos, he assumed there was just some backlog inside. UNTIL he realized the car behind him had been served. While it's unknown how this seemingly impossible incident took place, it did. He said nicely to the woman at the window, Hey, what about ME? (or something like that). She walked away. He went inside and ordered. He did not request or receive a free meal.

So for them and others who have been shown the door, in some fashion--be it through service, sauce, cheese, or otherwise insult, please let Taco Bell know your experience.


Blogger whipcreamy said...

in reply to jame's experience: how the fuck can that happen?

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