Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Only Reason I Will Watch the Superbowl

My blogging ability has been limited this week so this news may strike you as "old" (24 hours old), but it's KFed and therefore needs attention.

Kevin Federline (who likes to think himself "The Gangsta Formerly Known As KFed) is in an insurance ad which will premier during the Superbowl.

As you will read, he goes from riches to rags in the commercial. This is what he calls "all in good fun." He is a comic. He is HILARIOUSLY smart and outrageous. We are laughing WITH him, not AT him. We are laughing AT Britney and her new Federline look-alike boyfriend, not WITH her.

The "rags" part of the commercial features working at a fast-food restaurant. It's not Taco Bell, though. It's at a fryer. I guess since he said he wants his kids to learn a good work ethic by working at Taco Bell, he didn't want to associate this fast-food restaurant with "rags". right? I am not crediting him with too much intellectual power, am i?

Today, he explained that 2007 is going to be a GREAT year for him.

Note the end of this article wherein he notes that he has "to go through the Dora, the Explorer stuff, I do that in the morning." He then explains: "I do that with the kids."

No, really? A gangsta can't let his potential ladyfriends think for a second that he might be going through the Dora the Explorer process (whatever that is) alone.


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