Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Countering the E-Coli Scare

Taco Bell didn't do a great job assuring people that they would not eat some e-coli if they visited Taco Bell--what with is it the green onions, the lettuce, the pork, who the hell knows. It was the government's fault for not finding the source of the problem, of course. when in doubt, blame it on the man.

so yeah, TB has some issues it will need to contend with to convince Americans that they can safely eat its burritos and crunchwraps and gorditas.

I came across this blog today:

As you will see when you read Shane Brown's column on Taco Bell, apparently TB is now saying "hi. how are you?" when a customer pulls up to the drive thru window. To avoid plagerism charges, i must simply direct you to his site to read more about this new greeting and the result. i will say, though, that i think perhaps this seemingly friendly greeting is what the higher-ups have decided will slowly pull customers back to Taco Bell.

But may i also suggest price slashing?


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