Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Late Night with Britney Spears


check it. Thankfully Britney is not divorcing her love for Taco Bell. I'm guessing KFed and Brit, when their representatives released the cliche statements that they would always put their love for their kids first despite their break-up, they included a clause that this would also hold true for their love for Taco Bell. Sure, they shared many a grilled stuft burrito and santa fe chalupa (just guesses) together over the last few years; and sure, it might be hard to eat those TB favs without thinking about one another. kfed, thinking he should have eaten more lobster and steak when he had money; brit, wanting to throw up a little at the constant reminder that she dumped her career and reputation for a little known back up dancer who can't figure out if he is a better actor or rapper. one might at first assume that these thoughts might constantly fly through their heads but let's recall whom we are dealing with: it's unlikely.

regardless, when the day comes that these two realize they will NEVER have to think about each other ever again if they stop going to taco bell, i hope for the sake of my blog and their children, that they choose taco bell over ending the heartache. it would be like "the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" dumbed down considerably--and with a kfed/brit soundtrack. wow.

until that wonder is thrust upon us, let's continue to enjoy the brit/paris union.


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