Tuesday, December 19, 2006

i Can't Not Post This News

As many of you know, I do a remarkable job at staying on task with this blog. Even when the posts aren't entirely devoted to Taco Bell, they usually tie Taco Bell to politics or celebrities or my cats or something equally disconnected...and yet not at all.

But today I read this article and it's pretty whacked so i am going to paste it and discuss it.


Injured man wins damages for sex overdrive
Tue Dec 19, 2006 11:18am ET

LONDON (Reuters) - A devout Christian who said an accident at work boosted his libido and wrecked his marriage as he turned to prostitutes and pornography was awarded more than 3 million pounds ($5.89 million) in damages Tuesday.

Stephen Tame, 29, from Suffolk, suffered severe head injuries in a fall, transforming him from a loyal newlywed into a "disinhibited" character who had two affairs.

He was in a coma for two months after falling from a gantry while working at a bicycle warehouse shortly after his marriage in January 2002. Doctors said it was a miracle he survived.

Awarding him 3.1 million pounds in compensation at London's High Court, Judge Michael Harris said: "His life and the life of his young wife were shattered."

His former employer, Professional Cycle Marketing, of Essex, had argued through their lawyers that his injuries were not as bad as suggested in court.

That's right folks--this man received over $5 million for CHEATING on his wife, blaming it on his accident. Newsflash: men cheat ALL the time. devout christians cheat but have to blame someone or something else for it so that they can convince themselves they are not going to burn in hell. Chances that this fellow either cheated, planned on cheating, or at least wanted to cheat pre-accident are good considering 95% percent of men fall into that category. Most just aren't lucky enough to get paid for it. Shouldn't his wife have received some money, too? After all, her marriage was ruined but she wasn't running around, trying to have sex with everyone as her husband did in his oversexed craze.

And a question: it says he turned to prostitutes and had two affairs. do you think he only turned to two prostitutes and those are the two affairs OR did he turn to prostitutes aplenty AND have affairs with two non-prostitutes? I think the press release insinuates the latter which means that yet again this mancheater is getting away with even more than we initially believed.



Blogger anne altman said...

i'm no gambler, but what are the odds that the judge who awarded the major awards in this case is a man?


3:59:00 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

the odds are good, my friend. his fingers are crossed that his wife won't find out about his two affairs and many prostitutes. i guess that is what asses call karma.

4:03:00 PM  
Blogger whipcreamy said...

a man gets awarded for having multiple affairs, and i can't even pay for tampons, pads, and birth control. I'm suing my mother for giving birth to a girl!

10:23:00 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

and we earn, what 60 cents--maybe 65 cents now--for every 100 cents men earn? and what there are still women who think feminism is for extremists.

grrrrr squared.

9:45:00 AM  

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