Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Carmen Electra

Whipcreamy tried to comment recently on this blog but apparently blogspot has taken up with former issues and is not allowing comments. I haven't even talked smack about the e-coli scandal recently. okay, i just did this morning, but other than that...

so apparently carmen electra is now doing taco bell ads. I haven't seen them. Nothing is posted on YouTube (if it's not on YouTube, does it really exist?).

First, I do not like Carmen Electra. She is better than Paris Hilton, certainly, so I don't expect something as horrendous as the Paris Hilton/Carl's Jr carwash ad but I am worried.

Whipcreamy also noted the similarity (reverse similarity) in carmen's name/initials and e-coli. it's deep. go with it.


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