Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Delicious as an Enchirito? Installment XIII

The State of the Union: Delicious? Decidedly Not.

Yes, I am just using this enchirito installment as a segue to writing about Bush's State of the Union address.

Confession: I did not watch it. There are things that are not healthy for my body and mind. Crunchwrap with extra cheese and sour cream: healthy.
Looking at Bush's smug expression (i.e. smirk) as he continues to explain the necessity of a U.S. "victory" in Iraq: not healthy.

I did watch Jim Webb's response on YouTube this morning: very well done.

SO let's take a look at this picture since it's all I have to go on from the speech (okay, i read the transcript because i am SICK but still--this is better):

What is going on here?

1. Is Nancy falling asleep or giving Bush the slanted evil eyes? Where is Nancy's flag pin? (Oh wait, of course she isn't wearing the flag because SHE HATES PEOPLE and OUR SOLDIERS and FETUSES and FAMILIES and GOD. right?).

2. Is Cheney plotting his lies for the Libby trial? Trying not to give Nancy a left-handed, backhanded slap in the face? Pondering the latest task Satan has given him? (nah...that'll be a piece of cake).

3. Is Bush using his "THIS [insert issue--war, oil, war, education, war, terrorism] IS SO OBVIOUS, SO SIMPLE" tone which is directed at anyone who has EVER questioned one of his policies?


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