Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wikipedia Knows Everything

I read a fascinating article on Wikipedia in last week's New Yorker. Previously, I didn't know how the website worked. I just knew it did. Now I know that some of the facts on Wikipedia are false and that there are constant factcheckers and fact-taker-ers roaming the ins and outs of the website.

However, I like to trust the website because it is so thorough. Anyone making up crap can be commended for at least having an immagination. Or maybe it's more a desire to lie to the entire world, leaving us spurting out wrong information to all who cross our paths. Well, I am a sucker for information, true or not.

So in the comment section of the last post, Ash asked if the enchrito was similar to the enchilada. I did not know but it seems possible. Sometimes the line between different Mexican foods is very thin.

I wikipedia-d "enchirito" and found this definition:

The most commonly served style of the burrito in the United States is thought to be indigenous and is not as common in Mexico. One very common enhancement is the Wet Burrito (known as an Enchirito when served at a Taco Bell restaurant), which is a burrito smothered in a red chile sauce similar to an enchilada sauce, with shredded cheese added on top so that the cheese melts. In Mexican-American cuisine, crispy fried burritos are called chimichangas.

I am so glad that Taco Bell calls it an enchirito instead of a "wet burrito".


Blogger Ashley said...

Thank god no wet burrito! But still.... what is the difference between enchurito and enchilada??? I'm going to

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