Thursday, February 22, 2007

An Endorsement

While awaiting inspiration, I am going to veer from the Taco Bell track and discuss politics.

no, not the awful president. or the even worse vice president.

TOPIC: Democratic Canidates for the Prez Nomination 2008

Faithful readers know my adoration of Mr. Barak Obama. I think he would serve our country a plate of much needed optimism. not the foolish because ignorant optimism Bush has been giving people for the last 6 plus years. Rather, Obama is a smart guy who has some optimism despite being well aware of our country's plight. i don't know where he gets it but i would like some of it.

and he's cute.

so i've said he's delicious as an enchirito. i will stick by that.

as for hilary, i think she'd be a terrific president. she is serious and smart. a little too politician-y but i would be happy with her nomination, supposing i thought she could win which is doubtful.

but now apparently the hilary and barak "camps" are in a fight. they are talking smack. i do not approve of this. barak does not support this but maybe he's going by the "anything for a buck" road. hopefully that won't last. hilary, well, she never promised to not run a negative campaign so i won't call her a hypocrit, but i am still disappointed.

which is why today my endorsement goes to bill richardson. i like him. he's out of the political fray. he's smart. he's reasonable. i don't know that he will stir the passion in liberals and democrats that hilary and barak could but as long as i decide to punish them, i am endorsing bill. i reserve the right to change my endorsement whenever and as often as i like.

congrats, bill. you did well in nevada. enjoy the pedestal while it lasts.


Blogger anne altman said...

i hear you. i don't like the fighting. hilary comes off as shrill, which annoying and too bad, and plus barack smokes, and nobody thinks that's cool anymore for some reason. it's anyone's guess, but i think neither would get the vote.

doodle 2008. and her slogan?

"Smart, and so far hasn't said and stupid shit."

7:49:00 PM  
Blogger whipcreamy said...

richardson did a great job preserving an area where new mexico wanted to dump its nuclear waste...he worked HARD for that!

10:33:00 AM  

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