Monday, May 14, 2007

Sabrina and Tom: Review Taco Bell

As you saw on Friday, Sabrina reported to me that she had a less than stellar experience at Taco Bell on her way to DC.

Well, we spoke of this experience in more depth over the weekend. After she had a VERY positive review of a Taco Bell outside of charming and wonderful Baltimore on the way back to NYC yesterday, I've asked her and her boyfriend, Tom, to send me a detailed report.
here it is, in their words:
(p.s. they called the locations from the road for directions. they identified themselves as taco bell inspectors and had pleasant exchanges. i do not think the tb inspector bit was taken seriously).

Friday, May 11, 2007
Chestnut Hill Road, Newark, Delaware

This weekend found the tribe of SATO Nation migrating south form the isle of manhattan to the capital for birthday/mother’s day. Accompanying us was a guest tribe member. Both on the journey to and from pit stops at Taco Bells were made. Not knowing the location of said establishments, we Googled them and located the following in the vicinity at that time.
This is a stand alone establishment located about 10 minutes from the I95 exit.

Overall all rating: B-/C+

Convenience to highway: B
Friendliness of Staff: A-
Cleanliness: A-
Food Quality: C

2 bean burritos
1 1/2lb Cheesy Bean & Rice burrito
1 7 layer Crunchwrap
1 gordita
2 med sodas

Report: Bean burritos were light on content; 1/2lb Bean and rice was light and contained some overcooked/hard rice; 7 layer was not well put together.

May 13, 2007
E. Joppa Road, Parksville, MD
note: on this trip, tom and sabrina had 2 other taco bell lovers in the car.

This is a stand alone establishment located about 4 minutes from the I95 exit.

Overall all rating: A

Convenience to highway: A-
Friendliness of Staff: A
Cleanliness: A
Food Quality: A

2 7 layer crunchwraps (plus one more, ordered after tasting)
4 bean burritos
1 1/2lb cheesy bean and rice burrito
1 grilled steak taquito
BAJA Chalupa Sub Beans for Meat
3 medium sodas

Report: Bean burritos were fat and healthy with content [except for one aberration;; 1/2lb Bean and rice was made just right; 7 layer crunchwrap was crisp and fresh, and when sliced open one could see a well put together layering [each layer distinct and identifiable]; Grilled steak taquito was a nice small addition….fresh and tasty; not too big and not too small….
also of note: One of the TB inspectors on this trip was so satisfied with the 7 layers crunch wrap that she ordered a second one. It was her first...then second...7 layer crunchwrap.


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