Monday, May 14, 2007

First Impression: Taco Bueno

I have heard the praises for this Taco Bueno for some time. I have never had it - i dont think it has locations east of the Kansas border. Unfortunately, when people sing these praises, they mention that it's better than taco bell. of course, this prompts me to get a little defensive and thus makes me hesistant to say anything positive about the company.

Farmers Branch, TX passed an ordinance on Saturday which makes it illegal for landlords to rent to illegal immigrants. During discussion of this proposal, Taco Bueno apparently moved its headquarters to Farmers Branch, prompting some to point to this move as an endorsment of the ordinance. This weekend Taco Bueno clarified its position this weekend, calling the ordinance "ill-advised."

This article also mentions that "Councilman Tim O'Hare...countered by pointing out that Taco Bell moved its headquarters to Farmers Branch after the council approved the ordinance."

What headquarters? I know not the main headquarters in Irvine? The HQ of Texas?
And does Taco Bell approve of this ordinance? Good god, I hope not.


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