Monday, April 30, 2007

Dear Will of Taco Bell

In my post (rant) about Taco Bell's recent marketing decision to encourage folks to write into TB about why their Significant Other should marry them, Will of Taco Bell responded, explaining the idea was not intended to be sexist and so on. It was appreciated.

With that said...

Dear Will,

thanks for taking official notice of my blog. i am not going to lie - this blog has propelled more than a few people to taco bell. just this weekend, i had an adamant discussion with my friend anne and a tobogan-wearing boy about the chalupa v. the gordita. he might not have normally thought of taco bell at midnight on a saturday night (he didn't strike me as the 4th meal type) but thanks to a blog discussion, he did. and when he went home, do you think he stopped off for a 4th meal? surely...

this is a request for commission, however. that will follow (to whose attention?).

thanks for the stats: glad to hear my anger was unwarrented (quite unusual). i don't think i will be ready for a marriage proposal by july but good to know that it would be acceptable, should i be ready, for me to pop the question to some lucky fellow. I don't know if this development will outweigh the fact that war might destroy the earth before global warming gets its chance but it's comforting should I be ready for marriage before either of those disasters takes place (unlikely).
who pays for the ring if the girl proposes? have you research on that as well? in keeping with my feminist ideology, i think the woman should pay. then the man has to wear an engagement ring and doesn't get to flirt with other girls in the run-up to the wedding because people will assume he's already tied the knot. girls, on the other hand, can keep the bachelorette status alive and kickin'.

i don't eat meat, will, but i do like customizing my orders at taco bell. \ i didn't know there was a 3 cheese blend. what kind of cheeses?

what happened to the green sauce taco bell used to have at select locations?

what was the fire and ice taco Wikipedia mentioned? one of those lies wikipedia perpetuates?

what does the inside of the "new" taco bell restaurants look like?

what happened to the choco taco?

what is the next limited time only menu item to come out of your HQ?

if i learn the answer to any of these questions, my excitement will reach a dangerous level so best to cut it off at the pass.

if all these questions make you regret acknowledging your knowledge of my blog to me and you can't respond, i will hold no hard feelings.



Blogger whipcreamy said...

love it! actually, aaron and i watched a show last night about yellowstone, and how there is a SUPERvolcano underneath it. If war or global doesn't destroy us soon, it will surely be the caldera below yellowstone that puts all life on earth to an end...

1:36:00 PM  
Blogger Will said...


Your passion for all things Bell is a delight. Glad to hear you are dropping knowledge on those not versed in the way of the 4th meal.

You see, it is I who has the power of the almighty Taco Bell Buck, yes that super cool form of currency that garners you free Taco Bell in 5 dollar increments...and I would be more than glad to send some your way for you as well as to help spread the good word.

Now for some rapid fire response to the bonus round of questions:

Three cheese blend is found in your favorite 7 layer burrito and our quesadillas, but also in Cheesy Gordita Crunch and our Grilled Stuft Burritos.

As for the green sauce...since we are 80% franchise, some stores don't carry it. I know its a bummer, one of my favs is a bean burrito with green sauce.

no idea about the fire and ice deal, what are they sayin? the new stores are pretty cool, new color scheme, but come on don't you miss the old fire pits that were outside the old mission styles?

choco taco, depends on where you are, they are still on the menu in parts of Texas last time I heard.

and as far as the new LTO, hit me back on May 23 and I'll give you and your readers the scoop.

thanks again for your passion for our brand. and get me an address to send some TBBs.



8:01:00 PM  

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