Friday, April 27, 2007

Not Again...

Do you remember Taco Bell's ebay engagement ring fiasco last year? All the proceeds were to go the the Taco Bell fund (or something) - an organization for at risk teens/kids. Taco Bell put a big ol diamond ring on worth $14,000 on ebay, hoping people would jump at the chance to buy a ring sold by Taco Bell. It didn't make a lot of since - not just the pricetag but why would anyone associate Taco Bell with rings and marriage.

Well, apparently Taco Bell thinks it's the fast food chain that most appreciates love and marriage because they are rolling out another doozy of a marketing scheme as you can read in its press release. The title of this press release is Taco Bell® Says ``I Do'' to One Lucky Sports Fan. Now try not clicking on the link I've provided and reading about it. I promise you will be appalled and mystified and a little amused.

This ploy combines sports (baseball), the 7-layer crunchwrap, and love. naturally. I mean, sure when think of Taco Bell and the 7-Layer Crunchwrap (even though I haven't had it yet), I think love. I think i want to marry it. I think if i were to ever marry a person, i would be cheating on Taco Bell. It certainly stirs up some complicated feelings and creates a dilemma or two. But Taco Bell does not prompt me to want to marry someone or make me think about baseball. I guess that means I am not the target audience.

The contest requires contests to list “7 reasons why your significant other would be lucky to marry you.” Yes, every woman and man out there wants a proposal of marriage based on why he or she is lucky to be with someone, first and foremost - not why that person is lucky to have said proposee. The sports theme indicates that men are the targets - and yes, usually it's the guy who does the proposing since it's a man's world and all that bs. It's just too sad to me that Taco Bell rightly assumes that men would perfer to write about why they are so wonderful rather than admit that they can't get by without a woman. This post is about to turn into a bitter, angry, feminist rant. Since it's Friday and I would prefer to be happy even though I am still wet from my long walk in the rain this morning, I am going to cut that rant short.

I am angry at Taco Bell, though. And men. And Fox.

Happy Friday!


Blogger Will said...


I work at Taco Bell HQ here in California and first off love that you "dream of Taco Bell." I hope you do have a 7 Layer Crunchwrap soon...but customize it...add chicken, replace the nacho cheese w/ 3 cheese blend and add fiesta salsa. Its good, just sayin.

I wanted to post because I felt this promotion took you a bit sideways, not our intention. Simply put, we have signage during a nationally televised game and want to hook someone up with that real estate. We thought marriage simply because there is a lot of chatter about 7/7/07 being lucky.

Plus who says men have all the say? Saw recently that 70% of women would propose to a man and 80% of men would accept. So if your guy is a sports fan, what better way to make it memorable than to propose during their favorite baseball game.

As for the $14,000 engagement ring, we did sell a loss...but $10,000 for the Boys & Girls Clubs made for some happy teens.

Sporks truly,

Will the Taco Guy

6:52:00 PM  
Blogger anne altman said...

neat! you kvetch and tb responds.

i wonder if barack and hilary will respond to your concern about their bickering.

9:15:00 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

if what they say about every vote counting, they will care enough to contact me. surely they want to compete with taco bell for my attention and affection.

10:30:00 AM  

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