Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More on the 7-Layer Crunchwrap

Apparently it's no longer just in Ohio.

Erin reported to me yesterday she saw it advertised in Boston.
This gave me hope: if it's in Boston, it must be in the DC metro area (maybe not the DC Taco Bells because we urbanites steal sauce and must be punished but nonetheless i feel the time is near when I will be able to try this enticing item).

Further proof: is now advertising the 7-Layer Crunchwrap and I have official word what each layer is:

1. beans
2. nacho cheese sauce (i recommend subsituting this for real shredded cheese, of course)
3. zesty red sauce (this must be the kind they put on the enchirito! yum!!)
4. red tortilla strips!
5. sour cream
6. guacamole
7. tomatos

i would like some onions and lettuce as well: why not make it a 9-Layer, really? but all the same it sounds WONDERFUL!


Blogger Ashley said...

I saw a commerical a few days ago here in DC!

1:05:00 PM  

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