Thursday, April 12, 2007

Now This Menu is Something I Can Support

I found this picture on the www. I am guessing employees at this Taco Bell either didn't see this picture snapped or were less Nazi-like than a certain manager with whom I had a run-in at an Ohio Taco Bell last summer (i was told it was ILLEGAL and i must delete).
But water under the bridge.
Let's compare this menu to an article I read (and posted) last week from Omaha in which bacon was the main ingredient in the new breakfast menu. I said boo. I talked some smack about Omaha. I worried that bacon would not be easily replaceable with beans because of the texture difference. I did not see a menu item about which I could rave and rejoice.
Now I have.
Egg, bean, and cheese burrito! Alright. Washington, DC is ready for you, my friend.
Cinnamon tostadas? is that just another name for cinnamon twists to make us think they are okay to eat in the morning? Well, I am sold.
I am still vauge on these breakfast bell potatoes.
But if you look very closely, you will see a bacon egg cruchwrap. this reads bean egg crunchwrap to me. i love it already. seriously, taco bell, if you won't give me a job, will you at least bring your breakfast menu to the dc area asap?


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