Monday, April 09, 2007

I Don't Like the Word "Foodie"

It's too trendy, too pretentious, too new age.

However, I respect the writer of this article "Taco Bell -- Top Underrated Spot" even though the subtitle is "Why True Foodies Love T Bell." I wish he didn't use "foodie" to make his point that people who enjoy good food--quality ingredients, unusual recipes, unique flavors--also enjoy Taco Bell for these very reasons (okay, maybe not the "quality ingredients" part). I don't know that I have noticed this difference between the Taco Bell of TODAY and the Taco Bell of YESTERYEAR because I loved it yesteryear as i love it today. Sure, the crunchwrap and cheesy gordita crunch and grilled stuft burritoes are ingenius additions to the Taco Bell experience but their introduction has only made my life harder. what to order is harder than it's ever been.


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