Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I know i have to regain your trust

I have been an infrequent blogger of late--to say the least.

My apologies.

Please come back.

About two months ago, I gave you a sob story of a list of why I hadn't been putting my all into this blog. I didn't expect to have to give you excuses again. I am tempted to write another list of sob stories to explain my absence but instead I will just prove my rededication to this blog and will work to regain your loyalty through tireless posts that prove as informative and thought provoking as those of yesteryear (2006). In my defense, I have not been cheating on you with other blogs, websites, books, or mcdonalds. When I say I was working, I really was. And I still love Taco Bell more than any other Mexican fast food chain. The passion has not dwindled, only my time.

Thank you.


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