Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I would have known this information

Wikipedia is an extraordinary development in our age of the world wide web: the way it works is a little baffling and a lot unique. some of the information cannot be trusted but who knows what part of the description is false...if any.

I did find out last year that Jose Padillo, suspected terrorist, once worked for Taco Bell. I have mentioned this a few times previously on this blog. boring, old news, whateves. So imagine my surprise and delight to see that a few more names had been added to this "former employees" list on wikipedia's taco bell site:

José Padilla, alleged supporter of terrorism
Boyd Rice, noise music pioneer and Social Darwinist ("...when I was sixteen. Just long enough to cause enough trouble to get kicked out of there." Recounted in RE/Search No. 11: Pranks!.)
Krist Novoselic, Nirvana bassist.
Steve Smith, Wide Receiver for the Carolina Panthers NFL team.
Kevin Sellers, vocalist of hardcore punk band The Outsiders
John C. Dvorak, former TechTV personality and current This Week In Tech pundit, worked there while attending college.
Tyler Spencer, aka "Dick Valentine" from Electric Six.
Mike Kennerty, guitar player for the All-American Rejects
David Barbe, recording engineer/producer (Played in Sugar, and Meryland, Produced Drive By Truckers, Son Volt, many others)
Hulk Hogan, professional wrestler.
Jason Lee, former skateborder and currently starring in My Name Is Earl
Lindsay Lohan, actress.

i think this is entirely false but man, do i wish it were true. she was a child actress. no way did she decide to earn a little extra cash when she turned 16 at her local taco bell. i appreciate whatever contributor added this to the list, though. i am picturing him (because it is certainly a "him") going around to random wikipedia sites, adding lindsay lohan related facts (that are actually untruths).

The rest of people on this list are believable: certainly the musicians. hulk hogan is a possibly lie. let us not let this lindsay lohan fib lessen our trust in dear wikipedia. lie on!


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