Monday, April 09, 2007

Montreal Taco Bell revisited

We'll recall when Taco Bell opened a restaurant in Montreal a few months ago: the lines were long, people who excited, Canada was able to once again "connect" with Americans. It was a beautiful.

Well, what we didn't know was a "KFC" was attached to it.

Or should I say a "PFK".
So they leave Kentucky in the name and change the "chicken" but what does the F stand for? Fried in French? or just French? Chicken French Kentucky. yes, i am having some laughs over where other languages place adjectives.
The most important information about the link to this post on the Metroblogging Montreal site is the stinginess said reporter experienced with the sauce packets. I am surprised, dear Canada, at your stinginess. Good thing I never got my act together to move to your fair country.


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