Monday, April 23, 2007

Another reason I should be a groupie...

Check out this article on a new cookbook.

First, i want to own it. What do you think is Jeff Tweedy's favorite recipe? Maybe it's not in this cookbook. Maybe that is a good thing because I would make it every night.

Second, and more poignantly (to this blog at least), as you will read in this article, the indie rockers love taco bell. yeah, i figured - they are "cool" and "talented" and "often vegetarian" and "sometimes broke" so why wouldn't they appreciate a good, cheap, bean and cheese filled meal. Nonetheless, I appreciate confirmation of my assumption. And their admiration for Taco Bell emphasizes the very base of this blog: love for taco bell is universal. whereas you might not have been hard pressed to find a link between ashlee simpson and conor oberst, look no more. dumb hollywood starlets, cute yet troubled musicians, college educated non-profit employees: we are all the same. why is world peace so difficult to find?


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