Friday, May 11, 2007

This Just In...

One of my best friends, Sabrina, loves Taco Bell. I have mentioned her before. However, she does not love blogs. In fact, she doesn't read them. But I will continue to mention her as I am forgiving and understanding. I didn't read blogs until I had one of my own.

In any case, she is on her way from nyc to dc for the weekend. I just got this text message: Taco Bell in [Delaware] gets an overall C. The staff was awesome.

I promptly responded: the math indicates the food was NOT good.

Her response: Skimpy bb. Stale rice used in the cheesy burrito.

In Taco Bell's defense (I guess), Sabrina is a very harsh critic. We both critique Taco Bell out of love. I believe in supportive love. She believes in tough love.

but stale rice? come on, Taco Bell...


Anonymous Michelle said...

I had the 7 layer crunchwrap and I have to admit that I was a little dissapointed. I can't say that it was bad, but I doubt I would get it again. I am a big fan of the crunchwrap supreme and one of my favorite things about it, besides the taste, is that it is very tidy to eat. On the other hand the 7 layer crunchwrap had some beans that woud ooze out and got a little messy for me. Not the worst thing in the world but I thought the whole selling point for the crunchwrap was that it was easy "on-the-go" food. Also, the ingredients were not mixed well. I'd have one bite of all beans and another bite of all guacomole rather than the nice combination that you get in a taco dip. I don't think they should advertise it to be like taco dip, because it just gets hopes up too high. In good news, the taco and massive Mt. Dew that I also had with it were quite delicious, as usual.

2:28:00 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

ah, michelle - you are a very good critic. even with the crunchwrap supreme, though, i have found that it doesn't work with the "on the go" campaign. not if you want to really savor it anyway. i talked to two people this weekend who claimed to have had the 7 - layer crunchwrap supreme, which included lettuce and tomatoes. however, that just sounds like a 9-layer to me and i find the whole thing a little unbelieveable. i just have to see for myself. which i will soon. as soon as i get the taco bell bucks in the mail!

8:50:00 AM  

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