Monday, April 30, 2007

Healthy is Boring

I usually stand by my belief that if you want to eat something healthy, stay away from fast food restaurants - even taco bell. what is the point of removing all the good stuff so that their food is just not as bad for you? might as well have a salad than eat something that would be delicious if only it had sour cream, and cheese.

However, if pressed, I suppose I cannot deny that every little bit counts - that is, fewer calories here and there can certainly add up. Therefore, when I read this article about how to eat healthier at taco bell, I was not entirely peeved.

I will break it down, point by point:

1. Make your order “Fresco Style”
This means no cheese. it means cilantro and tomatoes and onions. I support that. try fresco style plus cheese but please don't try x-ing out the cheese.

2. Avoid the Grilled Stuft
I am okay with this idea. i like the grilled stuft but i don't love it. the suggestion to substitute the fiesta burrito is a fine one. the fiesta burrito is one of taco bell's semi-secret gems.

3. Don't be fooled by the salads.
Exactly. People tend to think salad=healthy. A misconception which is a combination of ignorance and marketing.

4. Head to the Border bowls
skip the steak bowls, chicken instead. well, i don't eat either so i am going to advocate that: BEANS, BEANS, BEANS.

5. Skip the Extras
if this means the potatoes and non-choco taco dessert, i concur. if it means a third bean burrito or nachos, i think easier said than done. and better said and not done.


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