Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Mini-Hiatus from the Blog but not Taco Bell

Purged of all liquids and gels in my carry-on and supposing my early early arrival at the airport is sufficient, I will depart for beautiful St. Louis this evening.

My plans for this trip:

1. hang out with my family
2. eat

And yet I intend no sarcasm when I write that it will be a jam-packed weekend. Certainly no time for blogging.

Back to #2, though. Per usual, I will eat wonderful home-cooked meals and dine at some delicious and perhaps quaint St. Louis-only establishments...with the exception of Taco Bell.

Tonight, upon my arrival, my dad and I intend to swing by the Taco Bell drive to bring dinner to my grandma's. This is not "per usual" and most likely blog-inspired. This visit will be the first time I've returned to Taco Bell since falling for the Enchirito, and I am completely confused about how to handle this situation. How do I decide what to order? I am also intrigued as to what my grandma will get and how she will like it.

All this to say, I should return next week with some good blogging material.


Blogger anne altman said...

gram will probably like something soft. glad to read your blog is inspiring dining choices x country and all. that's fantastic! bon voyage, girl.

2:03:00 PM  

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