Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just because it doesn't have a Taco Bell...

Doesn't mean it should be stripped of its 76 year status as a planet!
So its moon is not that much smaller than it. It's still small. And it's name is Pluto. Everyone's favorite planet is Pluto. You know, it's the underdog, the runt, the one that had to try so hard to become a planet and finally, finally won its rightful place with the other 8 planets. And then boom! Fancy technology and scientists fighting for tenure decide to that Pluto is too small and allowing it to retain its spot in the classrooms of 3rd graders everywhere would lead to a slippery slope--13 planets or maybe 23, depending on what facts various hotshot spaceologists throw at us lay people in attempts to wow us. well, i am NOT wowed. I am NOT happy. I am not going to pick religion over science as a result, but I still have a bone of contention with science. Is it a bigger one than the bone I had after earning a D in my Freshman "Cell to Organism" biology class? I think so. This one goes to the marrow.

When I was little and hopeful that I would grow my hair very very long, I'd say "I want to grow my hair all the way to Pluto." Surely I was not the only little girl who spoke these words and felt so strongly strongly about the length of her hair. Now what are girls going to say? "I want to grow my hair to Uranus." HAHA, okay, that would be funny. But they might say "Neptune" instead and no one cares about Neptune.

Here's a lovely cartoonist/writer/scientist who aptly describes how so many of feel on this day:


Blogger Meddling Methodist said...

What will my very educated mother just serve us now?

That poor sad bastard of a planet...

10:37:00 AM  
Blogger wilco1014 said...

I love that you wanted to grow your hair to Pluto.

6:12:00 PM  

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