Friday, August 18, 2006

Chocolate Mary vs. Satan Burrito

Whipcreamy and I had a very interesting IM conversation today.

We were talking about the Chocolate Mary. Then we talked about this website:

In other words, we were talking about people who are crazy on account of god and religion. It's a common discussion, especially with whip, but hearing that a woman refound god through chocolate rejuvinates a topic that can, admittedly, get old.

So then whip said she ate a Taco Bell bean burrito last week that looked like Satan. I asked for a sketch. She was simply making a point, of course. anything can look like anything if you are "lost" and "in a bad place" which of course you are if you are ready to say there is no god as was the woman who found Mary in a chocolate shop.

that's all.


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